Losing Interest

Find myself not even logging on to do dailys :*( anyone else?


Bro the whole forum is like 100ppl total XDD
You could’ve asked “anyone else?” 3-4months ago, ppl are long gone xd


sad, happens

It’s less than that. It’s like 50 people that make new accounts when they get banned. No one else would stick around


Well what can you do, we play an objectively worse verion of the game then in KR.


I would say the forum is terrible place to stay. Mostly toxic people and you can read only complains for everything. The death of the forum is good thing for the game.

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Pretty funny this thread is posted 2 days before vykas release :rofl:

If this was posted at like any of time (like the 1-2 months between argos and valtan release), I would totally get it

Yea dailies are chores and chores get boring.

My main is pretty ahead of content so I’ve cut back to reduce burnout. For example I have 11 t3 chars and I’ve cut back to doing chaos / guardian on the 6 most important ones.

The others are full rest and I’m missing out on thousands of mats per day buuut I also have my sanity.

I may skip some days entirely because it’s a game and it should be fun. The reality is that weekly raids are the only potentially fun content at the moment so once those are done, I can just relax and not overthink “optimizing” because I also enjoy having a life outside this game.

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Stop burning yourself out and you won’t lose interest, play other games when you don’t have anything to do in lost ark.

I’m looking forward to June update that brings the stronghold research. Will make it easier to push alts up to valtan normal. Which will allow me to raid with more characters each week.

Debatable :joy:


welcome to the pack. There is nothing else to do besides some dailies.
PPl who still play a lot either whale/rmt to push 1500+ for fun or leave their bot scripts in infinite chaos.

Than any other region*


Nah… doesnt matter if i do chores here or do them in another mmo but with a slightly more appealing packaging. :man_shrugging:

not really

Was really looking forward to yozus jar to buy all the cool skins for my scrapper but since they removed it and main is already at 1485 I’ve nothing to achieve rn which makes it a bit boring

Ive been down to thursday only for the last few weeks only breaking that if im bored and wanna run something but never more than an hour.

It’s a strange thing isn’t it. Accelerated release and each day I do find I am still on for quite a few hours, but I never feel like i’ve done anything.

Maybe it’s just a little pre-content burn out with the 2-week delay.

I started to play D2 median, taking break from daily chores, I hate chaos the most, cant force my self to play it anymore. The real burnout is coming fast. Only fan is on weekends doing abyss and valtan argos but the fox and chaos is such as evil in long run doing it on 6 chars.

It sux so hard that I cant even push alts to 1415 too loose abyss gold, Valtan normal gives zero gold, I really loosing motivation to even play.

yeah you have sanity runing 6 chars/day

just found myself having 100% rest bonus on most of the chars. today could not even do gr on my main cause repetition starts getting really annoying. i also feel like it’s close to enough for me and probably no new raid, event or childish skins in a gambling game for grown people can save it for me. still have to treat it like a waiting room since there is really nothing worth putting time into rn.

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