Losing motivation to hone from 1340>1370+

get 1 piece to 15 at a time, use alts to funnel mats
artisan helps
dps goes gloves head wep
sup goes chest legs rest
actually play the game

There is no 20% buff. It’s only 10% at T3. Either way, with week upon week of free honing books and materials there really isn’t much of an excuse for not being 1370 if one started playing at launch.

Even more honing materials!? What have you done with the massive amounts of the easy to get and free materials they gave you?

Why do you focus at one piece at a time? It would just slow ur ilvl progression, coz its easier and cheaper to push ur gear ilvl equally (highter chance on lower ilvls, less mats)

Note that you cant just hone it to 15 then buy legendary and rehone it from 6, coz u wont have ilvl in the first place to farm that legendary gear.

hahaha, i feel sorry for you.

With 2 events that was there (now only guardian event) + ark pass, you already should be 1370 at least, even if you get a lot pity. In my option we dont need honning buff to 1370 anymore. Also my friend that play only casual with 1 character, have 1385 for now.

because of artisan energy
and focusing on say gloves first will give you more damage

Why don’t you get the material but DON’T use it until the May update?

Then ure nolifer, for sure not a treshold meter for releasing a new content.

They DID give more honing mats (racing event, guardian event, ark pass). And they gave us metallurgy books too which are technically HONING BUFFS.

I’ve seen a bunch of f2p players hit 1400+ already, given they actually put in the effort to play the game ‘efficiently’ like levelling your alts and doing certain important horizontal content.

So its either you’re UNLUCKY AF where u pity basically every piece or you just playing the game very inefficiently (which is fine) but your vertical progression will be slow

FYI, kr version only got honing buffs after kakul saydon release (1475). So don’t say NA version of the game is bad lol.

P.S. Lost Ark is a KOREAN MMO, which means there’s a fuck ton of GRINDING. If you don’t want to do the daily grind, this game is not for you (which is fine, its not for everyone)


Its just minor difference, it may be worth it after hitting certain milestone ilvl (like 1340, 1355 etc.).

this probably means you just started honing past 1340 in like the last week

Its not supposed to be instant 1370 yet, they would need to pump you with 70k gold of mats to guarantee you get to 1370.

NGL, if someone just started honing past 1340 last week, he/she either started the game pretty late or been playing the game very very casually or MAJORLY fucked up their early progression.

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honing is fine, make alts play the game

rant on )This gamed has gone from enjoyable raiding hunting to working out maths on honing to much
math to many itmes to handle.

I just want to go out and kill stuff not stand around pulling my few remaining hairs out when I fail sigh
rant off )