Losing resonance on matchmaking

TLDR: you can lose ur resonance if someone is griefing you and cant do anything against it.

So today on matchmaking Chaos Dungeon we had someone who intentionally afk and just very late confirming when we switch rooms while i was solo dpsing with 2 supports in party and i told him to stop afk on second room and he immediately starting to flame me for telling him to stop afk,starting to run across the room to make us clear even harder and starting to say on party to report me and then he decline the vote to go on 3rd room and he did that untill time run out and we lost the run and the resonance and we had 0 tools to do anything against it, if i Warn him it say target is on an invalid location and cant votekick either… and i must of get at least 2 reports as well from him + other party member that blame me for not votekick him but obvs i wasnt able to do that since i tried.