Losing weekly tries because of server instability

I logged on after the patch at 1370 to get hard mode abyss dungeon so I can progress my character. 5 mins into the dungeon, the group gets kicked out of the dungeon and now I can’t enter the abyss dungeon because of maximum tries.

At 6:25 AM PT, I enter a Boss Rush and get exited out at 6:32 AM with [G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT] so now, i’ve lost 2 weekly events. How is this considered a stable patch?

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never play on patchday, still accurate as ever

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Sadly there was a bit of a warning , 10 min to be exact, somehow it was in Spanish for me though, but should countdown and be more obvious when a shutdown is going to happen.

Weird it was in spanish for me as well whats up with that. Why are they sending Spanish texts out to the NA east servers. I didn’t even know it was a downtime. It said Revisión en 10min.

Pretty strange for sure but whats an hour if its only an hour. Maybe they saw that demone kim video about people doing double dungeons on 1 map in t3 and wanted to fix that right quick.

Maybe they know Spanish was taught in most usa high schools. But those poor Canadians! Where is the french warning!