Loss of "Entry Count" on an Abyssal Dungeon that failed to load

At approximately 3:19PDT I attempted to enter Aira’s Oculus Abyssal Dungeon on Normal Mode. After finding a party and starting the dungeon, I got to the loading screen and the blue bar went across the bottom. It got to the end and said 1/4 players ready. Waiting to connect.
I go to grab some water and when I return, I’m back at the Abyssal Dungeon in Punika and try to find another party, but I get the message that I’ve exceeded my entry count this week. Hoping to get some gold compensation from this

This happened to me as well on Oreha Preveza Hard but I was the 1/4 and entered only to be exited shortly after. I lost my entry count while the other 3 that didn’t initially connect were able to enter and did not get a Re-entry ticket from the automatic system even after 4 days.

Guessing this is a bug in the automatic system as this isn’t a server crash but rather I’m guessing the instance server kicks remaining players if it detects not enough players connected and the re-entry system doesn’t treat this as a server fault when it should.