Loss of gold/items due to rng rmt buyer

NAW - Envsika

Unfortunately it appears that a RMT buyer had bought 2 of my level 8 gems that I posted onto the auction house this week on Wed/Thurs.

I decided to post 2x level 8 gems that I had after fusing and transferring gems together from mains + 5x alts to make my main 11x level 7 gems. (if they have access to peoples accounts/characters they could easily see the sequence of events that happened on my account that day that lead up to this)

I posted them onto the auction house for current market value at the time and i even undercut by a few hundred.

It could have easily taken a couple of seconds to a minute later for someone else to have clicked the gem randomly on the auction house and purchase them instead. Selling something on the auction house we really don’t have control over who/what type of person is buying it.

When I tried to log onto the game on Saturday September 17 I had a message appear on the log in screen.

After that screen I logged onto my main character and had noticed that my gold dropped from around 140-150k to 20-30k.

I immediately went onto the internet and went to apply for an appeal ban/missing item

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

I have never interacted with a gold/bot seller. I am sure they have access to chat log and all that stuff and not once have I ever sent fishy messages to other players.

If I was this desperate for gold to risk an account with currently 1.4k hours at the time of this post with 1x 1480 1x 1450 2x 1430 1x 1427 1x 1370 I would use up my 36.9k Una’s Tokens before ever resorting to RMT.

36,993 Una’s Token

I have been sitting on this since launch/pre-launch due to purchasing founders pack. I have not onced turn in a set of Una’s Tokens for gold ever. I am sure they can check this as well.

All I am is asking is to have my account unflagged and get either 2x level 8 gems back to berserker or the 115,875 gold back that I should have gotten from using a in game auction house and selling something that has RMT/Bots running around the place 24/7

If you have the ability to restore a persons character after they have deleted there is no reason why this can’t be done in any shape, way or form.

What is stopping me from selling a god roll for a popular in high demand class and getting flagged/warned again and immediately banned?

I will constantly live in fear everytime i try to sell anything in the auction house at a high price even though that is the correct/current market price value.


Imagine punish player for something that they have zero control over. at least return his gems if they are going to just confiscate the gold. this is not right!



So many false bans happening can you please ask Amazon to fix their broken algorithm because clearly it’s not working and only punishing legit players.

10 000 bots running around every day in Vern yet nothing is done to them, amazing, truly amazing


In the first message they say his account remains permanently banned when he’s not even banned.

Stellar customer care.

This is not ok…

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So you sold something to an RMTer and they gave YOU a warning?? :thinking: How were you supposed to control who purchased the item? It’s their(AGS) fault that the market is so flooded with RMT gold in the first place. They should not be punishing sellers where the items were literally being sold at normal market value. Let them keep their damn gold and ban the RMTer. This is just common sense.

@Community-Team this is a new low and I didn’t even think that was possible at this point. Very disappointing.

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This happened to my guildie. Sold a BiS necklace and lost the gold, got a warning. Support refused to help.

“A specialist has reviewed your account” is still the most comedic sentence in regards to AGs.


Same happened to a friend of mine after he sold Summer Skins.
It’s really frustrating.
Support told him, “Nothing we can do.”, which makes me wonder what the purpose of the appeal function is. It only gives AGs more work and doesn’t resovle anything.


same for me, sold a neck and got a warn. After loggin, I lost about 130k gold.
lol good job ags

If AGS doesn’t solve this fiesta a lot of people will quit the game… How can you even punish someone for something they have literally 0 control over? This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.

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Hello Arkesians and welcome to the forums @Onewingedangel,

I am sorry to hear of your other scenario and how you believe the ban or penalty has not been correctly applied. Unfortunately, this topic is not suited for the support forums as we do not handle bans, ban appeals, or penalties via this channel.

We would normally forward you to submit your appeal in a web ticket here Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games, if you have not already done so but given you mention you already have, the only advise we have left for you is to continue your communication via the Email you received in response to your appeal. Please bear in mind, if you have been informed about this being the final answer to your appeal, you will not be getting a different one by submitting multiple replies or appeals.

In regards to the reason for the ban or penalty, you will be informed of the cause in general but no specific details will be volunteered. Please do not submit multiple tickets as that will only delay a review of your penalty.

Given support forums do not handle these kinds of queries, I will now close this this thread.

Hope this clarifies your best course of action. :wolf: