Lost 15k Honor Shards because of a game error and I am told they can't do anything about it



I used 15 Honor Shard Pouches (M) that I had gotten from the 12th day login reward and from a quest chain, and right as all of the shards were plopped onto the ground, I get this error message and the game is force closed. I relog in and no shards in my currency tab, and no pouches in my inventory.

I submit a ticket and within 5 minutes I get basically told, “can’t help lol” even though many people have gotten lost items from paid purchases recovered. This is a major setback and I get told to get bent even though it was an error that occurred on their end.

The fact that the shards leave your inventory upon use and you have to pick them up instead of going directly into your currency count immediately is beyond stupid.

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