Lost 280k gold and i gave up

i had a bad day yesterday april 28 after going offline i changed to steam beta because of friend ads. then this morning when i woke up all my gold was gone. panic worried confused. in that mood i sent ticket to support team but their reply was because i bought on aution house. Has anyone played the game lost ark without hanging some items for sale? they said I traded too much and that’s why I ran out of gold??? I swear to god I never bought anything more than 100k gold let alone all my gold i still hope that this is just a bug and they will give me back the gold but no guys. I spent the whole day yesterday writing them and giving them all the information they needed and the answer for me was 'we’re sorry we weren’t able to recover or get the answer you wanted. "…So where do I go in the end? what must you do? how to play when all my accumulated for a few months just waiting for the new slayer character in the new update to come out? buy rmt gold or how?
I’m really very, very disappointed in amz’s handling. lost ark is the 2nd game i play of amz after new world but i will probably never play any game of amz again. it was really a very bad day for me when my hard work suddenly disappeared and they couldn’t give me a reason justifiable. Finally, I would like to remind you to be careful because maybe one day you will have to have a bad day like me. I lost my way and didn’t know what to do. So after thinking carefully, I have decided to quit playing lost ark forever as well as the publisher named amazon.
I hope you guys enjoy the game and don’t get stuck in the same problem as me
cordially greet and to win

Hello @kjamuaki !

I’m really sorry to know about your situation. It must definitely be really frustrating given the hours you have put in the game.

I completely understand that you already contacted support and there’s no further step than that. I would just move your post to our Feedback section since I believed it will be more helpful than over here in the support section.

Also, you can leave feedback directly through our web using this link:

If there’s anything else that I can help with let me know.

Please stay safe :shield: :crossed_swords: !

the customer support are indian eworkers that have never seen lost ark before, they are only there to send u copy pasted responses and pretend there is an actual support staff. I got into a bad situation once as well and it took them 2 goddamn weeks to send me a real human response and solve my issue.