Lost abyss dungeon entry due to bug

I was entering Oreha Preveza yesterday at around 11 am EST, the map started loading, stood there for a minute and all of a sudden I was back in Punika, after that I realized I lost my weekly entry and did not get a new one in my mail (I normally get my entry back in no more than an hour after a disconnection or crash).

AGS says that if I did not get my entry this means I was not eligible, another one said it was a server issue and I will get it. They always deny escalating the issue to a dev or anyone with higher power to investigate.

This is so frustrating because I was trying to get my new character ready for Valtan, but due to this issue I cannot craft my 5th legendary item.

I beg you guys to take these issues seriously. I work for player support in a different game and we are always able to investigate on our own and grant items immediately if we can confirm it was an issue in our end, this is so disappointing.

same thing happened to me although i had to wait 6h to get my ticket back i think you should give it a bit of time it doesn’t take more than 24h at least that’s what i know

@Roxx please help me with this I am so disappointed because yesterday I made a purchase and it feels like it was all for nothing