Lost abyss dungeon yesterday because Party Finder Lag

My friend just lost an abyss entry because some of his party disconnected, and he recieved an entry restore ticked.

Yesterday I had 21k queue at 15:30 and when I could finally enter the server at 21:00 I tryed to do Gates of paradise Abyss with party finder.

Yes, it was very laggy and we got in after few tries clicking enter button, it loaded in and after a few seconds we were back again in the city without even entering the dungeon and with entry used.

That was my first time in trying that abyss, after 6h of wasted in queue, and it’s not about even min maxing, I took this week of holidays and I have to wait the next week to see the content.

Could I please get my case checked, and like my friend get an entry restore ticked to do it properly?

Thanks @Roxx @Pneuma

Server: Kadan
IGN: Doctor

I was in your group yesterday, same situation, entry wasted and can’t do the 3 gate of paradise dungeons. I hope we can get our entry back.

Server: Thirain
Name: Fedee
Abyss dungeon: Sea of Indolence


well I just hit 50 aswell and thought I could enter my first Chaos Dungeon.

Turned out that our entire server was crying about entering dungeons seem not to work at all due to lags and localisation issues; so after 1 hour of trying a) find ppl crazy enough to punsh through that lag block and b) getting into an acntuall dungeon (which failed) I´m so done allready AGAIN with AGS servers; they have been bad at New World launch and afterwards… but this is just not fesiable.

Pls fix it, and dont fix it in a few months, ur game / published game ALLREADY LAUNCHED, HELLO??!!

U allready got money from ppl, why ppl cant play the game as they want to? How can this even be a legal think tbh…

EDIT: i know, u can play it technicall for free blabla (and i kinda do, just got a bronz foundrs pack which I wasnt able to fully use on 2 days since Quenes :slight_smile: )
And still u cant deny that this game WILL make money. So dontz trash talk