Lost Abyss entrance token because of maintenance

So yea the servers were coming down for the hotfix and I wasn’t paying attention to the time,
we go into the Abyss raid and the servers go down after the first boss fight, now it says I used my weekly entrance for it?


sorry for hijacking your thread but maybe a lot of people have the same problem and its better not to spam an infinite number of posts on the matter.
will we be getting a refund for the entrance?

character name : Nindrain
server : Inanna

I think it’s better to spam it than if it happens to alot of people.
the support team basically told me I was SoL until the weekly reset

Same here, I don’t think it’s fair because I was not paying attention either for this hotfix.
All I want is Orheda Preveza reset please it’s not fair
Server: Zinnervale
Character name: Hopsin

Same got kicked out while fighting boss 1
Server: Valtan
Char name: Wheelchairgs

Same, I’m locked out of Aira’s Oculus Hard Mode after being kicked. We were going to leave, but we got kicked before we could.
Server: Azena
Character Name: Beepemote

I don’t understand the type of people that are hired in these game studios? Like do you not know of basic game design patterns and fault tolerance architecture?

Same here
NA East - Avesta
Character: Brokenfaith-Paladin
Abyss: Oreha’s Well

According to this post, from 17 days ago, we wont be getting it back…

Same situation here. Enter to dungeon and after “hotfix” lose my chance to finish this for the first time. Yesterday i spend 4h on last boss and every group wipe on mechs…

Same here. Oreha’s Well first abyssal dungeon. Didn’t even finish to kill the boss.

Server: Neria
Character name: Locknporka


i have the same problem was in fix came and no reentry posibility

name Dampa
server Asta Eu Central