Lost abyss ticket cause server problem

Hi, we lost our weekly abyss ticket cause server problems, the abyss had a load problem cause of server lag and kicked us from the abyss in the loading screen, losing our weekly ticket.
We need to solve it before thursday weekly reset. Thx

Proof Screenshot - 4612aeb918bf850f2b52b7c41ccd5f49 - Gyazo

Steam ID: keluznak
Server: Kadan EU
Character: Keluz


Just had the same exact problem. After literally 30 minutes of trying to get into the abyss dungeon we got kicked out and lost the entrance for the week.

Server: Zinnervale EU
Character: Ninjutsen

Same here, i was in the same party as Keluz.

Proof – Screenshot - 3f64b6b6e5cbd2b19a269027a90a54dc - Gyazo

Steam ID: mrpablor
Server: Kadan EU
Character: Kranel

Exactly the same thing has happened to me. The abyss dungeon started to load and without going in it pulled me out again. My surprise comes when I see that I can no longer enter again because it tells me that I have already exceeded it.

Steam ID: frecuenzy_zero
Server: Kadan EU
Character: Sehia

Had the Same Problem severel Minutes ago.

Server: Thirain
Character: Valred
Dungeon: Alaric’s Sanctuary

had the same problem.
Server: Trixion
Character: Teza

Ask for a refund.

give back entry before weekly reset please huge progression lost :frowning:
Server: Thirain
Character: Twice

Had the Same Problem severel Minutes ago.

Server: Thirain
Character: Pelz
Dungeon: Alaric’s Sanctuary

I am also in the same boat

Server- Regulus
Name- Noriandron
Dungeon- Hildebrandt Palace

UP! Please, fix this for us, we cant do x3 Abyss Dungeons cause server kicked us.

Same here
server: Neria
Nick: Matka
Dungeon: abyssal dungeon

Same problem.
server: Neria
Nick: Eanara
Dungeon: Demon beast Canyon

any update on this problem @Roxx ? weekly reset is in 24hours

Same Problem here:
Server: Mari
Name: Devilzooey
Dungeon: Alaric’s Sanctuary

Refund for emotional damage

Same thing here I’m missing both of the Phantom Palace Abyssal Dungeons

@staff @communit @Developer

same problem for me …

Steam ID : Pigeon Delavega
Server : Trixion
Character : Saröumane

same here, i literally joined a party and on loading screen just brought me back to where i was and i lost abyss ticket

server : Trixion
Character name: Petetina