Lost Abyssal Dungeon entry when my party couldn't connect

Was going to do Oreha Preveza Hard and only I loaded into the dungeon (other 3 party members bugged and didn’t load in.) It auto kicked me out of the dungeon after 5 seconds saying “Exiting dungeon shortly. (Left Party)” Then we re-partied but only my entry was used.

Same Issue, waiting since 1 Week for a solution. Nothing. Waited for the Maintance tweet. Nothing mentioned there. Basically we have to run Oreha per matchmaking and they wont give us our tickets back :smiley:

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By the way you will get a copy pasta answer from the Support. “We have an automatically System, which should give your Ticket back, when…” Useless.

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Same for me i just posted… but for my case it is for argos… i got disconnected at phase 3 when i reconnected no rewards… no ticket… nothing

disconnect is different, its not a disconnect here.