Lost all my jump points outside the starting continent

besides my CA is GONE AGAIN… again again again … i have now lost everysingle jump point on anikka… this pic is just in the area with the boss dungeon

You are on East Luterra right now, correct? Anikka is another continent and you can’t fast travel between continents. You have to use a ship. While you are on another continent your fast travel points show as “deactivated”.

i didnt sail back to East Luterra… så how does that happen fist time i experienced it , was when i jumped to my strong hold and wantet to jump back to anikka from my stronghold
im sry if im the dumb one here, but as i said , i didnt sail back to East L… sooo

Hi there

I wanted to thank @Felisto for taking the time to help us, we do really appreciate it.

I believe that solves the Triport issue and I just wanted to let you know, we are still working on the issue with the crystalline aura.

Thank you everyone, have a great day.