Lost Argos rewards... how is this fair?

Why does my game crashes before I get Argos rewards due to a server error
and when I contact support expecting AT LEAST an entry back I’m told that I have to wait until next week? How is this fair??

I thought support was supossed to be more helpful…like I just got to 1370 and I’m trying to get my gearset and then this happens? thanks?

Wow this post is 19 days old. 19!!!

This happened to me this week and i have been contacting Amazon for the last 4 days. And they literally dont care about my issue.

Like i have never experienced this in an MMO befofe. They usually always compensate you for issues that are no fault of your own.

Its an absolute joke. The support for this game is abysmal. They should be ashamed.

They literally just posted about this LMAO.