Lost Ark 99% of the time


One day i’ll meet another real player :sob:

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Did you hack into my in-game mail box? These are the only mails I get :rofl:

Dam we still have players that are not 50+ yet?

Yea less than 5% of people are in T3 atm.

I see more players (bots) while leveling than 50+

Where is that coming from?


Steam Achievs

hey look a wild roadmap has appeared, run away quick before the players think the actual roadmap has appeared in our forums.

Dude, thats for all the players, even the ones that tried the game for 10 min, it is not representative of the active pop.

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and before people say this isn’t reliable, keep in mind this is tracking even bot accounts as the steam accounts are still active and count towards these numbers.

You guys might be right but we also have nothing else to go off of for data on it, i’d rather use steam charts to give somewhat of a measurement even if it’s not perfect.

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take the estimated 10million new accounts some places have reported, times that by the percentage and you get the number of ilvl 1300 people that play. while this still doesn’t represent the number of active t3 players it does tell you who actually played long enough to get to t3.