Lost Ark almost breaks 400k players, it's a NEW peak! 😲

Since the Roadmap release we’ve only been gaining players, we are ALMOST at a 400k peak again which is incredibly impressive.

I am so proud of the AGS Staff and CM team on the forums for the continued support and transparency, clearly it looks like the Roadmap is a massive hit with the playerbase.

I predict by end of the year, we’ll be the #1 Most Played MMO in NA at 700 - 900k CCU!

I’m excited for the what the future has to hold for this amazing game :star_struck:


Somewhat ambitious statements there however I’ll say I am not in the least bit worried about Lost Ark’s playerbase regardless of what the doomers say. It will flatten out and the people left around will number in the few hundred thousand(prolly between 200k-400k) which is still plenty of people to do content with.


This is the type of positivity I lose seeing, it’s easy for people to say LA is dying/etc but you point out the truth here:

I think even at around 500 - 600k, we’d easily be competing with FF14/WoW’s playerbase.

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Isn’t this the 2nd time you’ve posted something like this? (edit: yep We gained MORE players! 📈)

It’s probably mostly bots, there was suddenly a 4k queue out on nowhere on Valtan 2 nights ago.


If only this translated over in game. Never seen punika or events so empty on my server thursday for reset and the friday. Where is everyone?


It’s a weekend… It could be bots, it could be anything. Anyway i unistalled the game. After some time there’s nothing for casual players there. I don’t want to play alts and i hit my “wall”. Good luck to all.


I looooove when foci presses submit


Wait a minute, it actually is foci lmao

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You really can’t compare f2p games with p2p, it’s an unfair comparison, besides a decent size percentage of the la player base are bots. It’ll flatten out soon anyway though, i sure as hell wouldnt expect the kind of numbers you are “predicting” lmao


You work for them?


It’s easy to say that when they see it already happening Kilvorian. This is the first game I have ever jumped on that bandwagon but yeah something needs to happen.

the delusion and hypocrisy of this guy…


I do have to say I see a lot more people lately. There was a mass exodus after Argos release but the new events and the roadmap are bringing them back, I think. That may not be the case on other servers. I’m speaking of mine. I still have my own bone to pick with AGS because …reasons, but I do have to say they are doing better and hopefully that will continue, because I really like LA and I want it to do well so I can continue playing it.

The thing is there are always going to be unhappy people, no matter what. Sometimes I’m one of those unhappy people (gimme more skins). I just wish people stopped whining about honing and P2W and all other stuff they find to whine about. I would rather have less active players but the ones that actually like the game as is. Granted as long as AGS doesn’t screw us over again like with Argos.

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Hoping this comes true! Sadly it might be hard for the NA/EU market to adapt to a Korean game. Everyone NA feels entitled to have everything their way and when they want it, and the concept of grinding is also very foreign lol


Oh come on. They never grinded Diablo till their noses bled for that one particular piece of gear that will make or break your build? haha

PS: but I agree, Instant gratification is what people want these days and it baffles me as to why.


child numbers…

Some are taking a break until the big patch, most likely this week comes out. Some might come back closer to Valtan. It’s fine and it will happen. Ppl will take breaks and come back. So many ppl burned themselves out

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since I’m messing around so much on the forums tonight instead of playing i think i may have burnt myself out already. :frowning: I just hit 50 to.

Just go at your own pace. I’ve been slower than most, especially for ppl with my playtime, but I just got 1370 off the last reset. But I’ve also got 3 other alts in T3 now too. I’m not super optimal and only do the content I feel like doing.

And the same site says this :
“Some of these game trackers are just estimated data and should not be used as a factual resource. Having said that, we also have counters which are from legitimate providers which you can consider genuine live records such as the data from steampowered.com. To find out this, please make sure you read each description we provide on the game.”

Genchin is not on steam and they failed to cite any kind of source. They also failed to add if it’s world wide or region specific. I highly doubt this is the case as once you are done with all the puzzles there is nothing else to do. That site is just a clickbait to get the views so they can sell the add space.