Lost Ark API | A possibility? A necessity

Hello, I haven’t really scoured the forums yet, but I’d like to ask if Amazon plans to release/develop an API for developers to create public tools for the game. I would really like to start working on something like World of Warcraft’s armory and possibly other tools like progress trackers etc.

I believe that the Korean version of Lost Ark does have an API for these purposes and I really can’t stress enough how important these things are for the community and shouldn’t really be discussed as a possibility but as a necessity and it should only be a matter of “when” and not “if”.

I encourage other users to hop in with their own feedback and I hope this gets to the development team at some point.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s not an amazon game, should ask smilegate.

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Most likely the issue why we dont have an api is because the game is developed by smilegate and the api is written in relation to the KR Servers of Smilegate.
The AWS Servers dont have an API / Interface yet that would allow the same kind of things.
And to add to this. The most things you are mentioning are either in the game or if you think of dps meter not wished.

KR Version doesn’t have an official API aswell. So I doubt we’ll get one anytime soon, if ever.

There is currently just a butchered version of the KR LOA Armory to pull data from.

That is a pity. Would make community apps so much easier and more powerful .


As this is the first topic that shows when searching for “API”, I wanted to add my take on it.

There is already a functional API for Lost Ark, at least in terms of character info, made by Amazon. Unfortunately, it’s currently locked behind the Twitch extension and it’s authentication.

The endpoint URL is http://cache.lostark.games.aws.dev/<server>/profile/<user-id> and with the proper authentication you can get a neat JSON with all the information of the character as you can see in the image below.

By the looks of it, it looks pretty complete, from equipment to build, it seems to have everything that a community could wish to be able to create amazing tools.

Now, we just need to lobby to Amazon to open up the API to all the devs! I really hope they do it!

I leave you with the JSON from the image here so you can browse it and imagine the possibilities!


yes pls we need an armory.

i want to look up best players builds and compare


can we get una reputation status from this, or is this all the info available?

Well, what you see is what you get. This was made to be displayed in a Twitch Extension, and I doubt Una reputation status would be something that would be interesting to check while watching someone. There might be other endpoints, but that’s the only one I know, and that’s the whole information that was there.

Bookmarked topic - Do we have any response from amazon about this issue?

una repu info could have helped a lot to plan what to focus next where to place characters etc. not for streamer use only.

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The best chance we have is someone from the dev team noticing this thread.

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Made an account on the forum just to vouch for this!
API > Roadmap

I’d be so hype for this. Unfortunately with how things are going around here lately I can’t imagine AGS releasing API anytime soon. But I will gladly eat my words

Thanks for this! I do have a question on what the “proper authentication” here would be, and what user-id I’m supposed to use. Is this a string value of my steam ID? and how can I pass the auth to the url here?

Confirming we do not have a public API available at the moment but we may be open to the possibility!!


Having an API where people can see each others characters, gear, builds and be able to share those would be a huge boon to the community.

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This would be awesome

please do it! :heart_eyes:

I hope it gets done tbh. I’d love to mess developing API tools :smiley: