Lost Ark API | A possibility? A necessity

+1 for public api. Would be nice!

Proper authentication is something that we don’t have access as of now.
The handshake is currently done by Twitch and Amazon, and the token obtained from that handshake is only valid for characters of that account, if I’m not mistaken. So it’s pretty much useless on a bigger picture scale.

So we just gotta wait for Lost Ark to gives us a public API. There is interest for one, that you can be sure!

Not sure if anyone tagged @Roxx on this idea

Roxx replied in this thread 6 days ago confirming they don’t have an API available but are open to the idea.

I put up Roxx’s reply as a solution to the thread so people know it has been noticed by devs.

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i want to add that this is kinda important, especially for wandering merchants…
people tried to get around the problem by loading themselves informations each time they spawn but as always there’s people that want to ruin things putting in false informations…

an API would solve this frustration for those who want to complete their rapports or get cards.

Bump! Please give us the API so we can code stuff :smiley: