Lost Ark appreciation,,, atleast its not Diablo Immoral

I have my gripe on Lost ark p2w and i have been very vocal about it since release but at the end of the game is fun enough to a point i can suck it up and keep going. But Diablo Immoral (not a typo) is beyond egregious. I was thinking about if Blizzard made Lost ark how would they couldve monetized the hell out of it. Just think about it Chaos dungeon aura buyable with royal crystal only, maybe Raid completion chest at the end opened by only royal crystals and you can relic gear mats only from those chests basically paywalling the relic set… this is how egregious Diablo immortal is.
So i am a f2p player and i am planning to play Lost ark for long time… so i do appreciate Lost ark for not being that bad. But that doesnt mean i wont be vocal in future about Lost ark’s p2w no matter how much i get shat on by the community.


Lost ark has so many monetized systems which are directly tied to gold and therefore money.
Gems, Tripods, accessories, ilvl, engravings ect.

  • The game takes advantage of using two currencies meant to obfuscate how much you are actually spending for an item.
  • The amount items costs are always slightly over the minimum you can buy.
  • They’re introducing a lootbox like system soon where someone has to buy into the system for a “F2P” to get price gauged.
  • They still haven’t buffed honing (I wonder why)
  • Recent roadmap had decisions made to maximize “business incentives”

Honestly, I can’t think of a single system in this game that isn’t influenced by money. Even stronghold research you can pay to insta-complete. The game is aggressively monetized, and there’s no excuses to be made. Diablo immortal is just in your face, but one is not better than the other.


And i do absolutely agree with your point. What my point is simply Diablo immortal’s p2w is straight in your face with no shame or morality… its like selling drugs right infront of police station.
In lost ark atleast theoretically you can get better without spending money. obviously its still aggresively p2w and should be called out for it but in Diablo immortal you cant even get stronger at some point without spending money. It would be like if you cant get 1415+ gears without spending money.

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I don’t like how this game locks content behind hard to reach item level and limits how many times certain things can be done in a day.

I think both games are equally money-hungry. Don’t appreciate either one.


Look at it this way. Diablo Immoral is what Lost Ark could be in the future if we continue to let stuff like Yoz’s Jar be the stepping stone of gacha-monetization.

You can deny it if you want but when it comes to free-to-play games monetization, you can only anticipate the worst outcome.


I get that Lost Ark’s monetization is not the worst ever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t complain about it, there’s certainly room for improvement.


You either have Diablo immoral or lost bot online. What a time to be a gamer.


I agree, that’s why i have been complaining about certain stuff like Pheon problems. I start to agree with asmongold more cause of people continue to accept these things as normalize situation. The company or industry will continue to exploit them more without them noticing that companies are using DIRTY BUSINESS TACTICS. Diablo Immortal is the definition of blatant use of dirty tactics without moral and tricking kids. There are already dumb people thinking oh it is a mobile game. It is normal. No it isnt normal. These dirty business tactics has never come to fruition in the past and now it does because players or people have normalize it and fall for these dirty business tactics.
I dunno why these loot boxes exist when players wishes to buy the skin outright and have to rely on luck to get it.
I dont get why games can’t be like Guild Wars 2, FF14 and many other games where cosmetics can simply be bought straight out without relying on RNG.
GW2 is still earning hefty sum of money from expansion packs and cosmetics where people can just buy them. They even offer ingame gold to buy their currency although it will cost a hefty amount of ingame gold.


Funny part is you don’t even have to engage in spending money for anything and make very good progress. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean it has to be a probelm.

Buddy I play with is 1447, and has spent $50 on this game since launch for skins/bronze founders pack.

If you don’t like lootboxes, don’t buy them.

The game never forces you to buy anything to do content, unlike Diablo, which directly shoves it in your face. There only way you feel “forced” to buy anything is when you’re having fomo for literally no reason.


In KR version you buy them for blue gems last time I heard.

That was in season 1 lost ark i think.
For Yoz Jar there is a chance they make the system more fair. I’m gonna prob roll once and set it for AH lol

The lesser of two evils is… still evil.

LOA is pretty egregious in terms of P2W, its just that Diablo Immoral takes it so far to the next level it isn’t even a competition anymore.


Every time such a comment is made a brain cell is killed.

Go play a proper game for once in your life, you poor soul.


lol man Diablo immortal i think will break boundaries that Genshin impact couldn’t reach. The predatory system in that game is just beyond criminal. Diablo immortal makes Lost Ark look like childs play. LOL jesus christ.

The fact that people got paid to design such a system just shows you how clueless majority of the gamers are. The people that say " you don’t have to buy it if you don’t like it" <---- these dumbasses are the ones that will be milked to their bare bones. The sad thing is they don’t even realize it. The gaming industry has truly gone to shits. It’s such a shame.


the game does not lock content, every game has requirements for content be it levels or gear this is not any different with lost ark.

you can do all content and get all gear without having to pay a single dime and its not hard

So basically P2w is not as worse as Morep2w…

Diabolo Immoral costs more, maybe, not sure. But I would say, lets just wait, AGS/SG are just at the start to test out, how far they can go. Skins with stats for 500$+ are just the beginning…


You are saying this only because you don’t know anything about Esther weapons.


You know Lost Ark is very P2W when people compare it to mobile games.

PC and Mobile games are 2 differents market.

This just in

Someone else released a shitty game.

Lost Arks problems are solved! Im thankful.


The math has already come out for Diablo Immoral in that if you want to reach the very pinnacle of end game gear, just taking into account what available right now, you would have to spend $110,000 USD to get there.

Or if your F2P, grind for 10 years.

To call Immoral egregious is an understatement.