Lost Ark Art Week only for NA?

Was excited to read up on the upcoming Art Week until I saw the times for each. Every single one caters to only the NA with a 17:00 start time, or as in noted in one posting 01:00 for us here in Europe!

What gives with only catering to your North American customers? The first blow was when you announced that the NA would launch at 09:00… which meant EU got 17:00, missing out on almost a full day’s play. And now this! Are you trying to alienate your European customers?


tbh I think the launch time is fine (EU tends to get the short end of the stick in every game; but it could have been worse) the stream times, however, are really bad lol


We get the same bad treatment as always. As long as NA is happy everything is fine.


Anyone know what our options are to get the Crown channel drops if we can’t watch live?

get up at 2am or whatever time it will be for you, open stream and let it run I suppose

Wake up, open up the stream, then go back to bed is probably your best bet.