Lost ark bot are not bot?! mind-blowing They are T2 and doing chaos gate now lool

Bots are evolved. They are controlled by the player and reaching T2 doing chaos gate already.https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/t828hw/lost_ark_bot_are_not_bot_mindblowing_they_are_t2/

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I dont know you guys can see the video or not. It has been removed.

Either a bot or a multiboxer

crazy though…

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Was able to see it

This is multiboxing, quite a old subject, back in wow it already made a lot of debate in forums.

I never supported this (even for players not trying to sell gold from their farm or anything)

The multiboxing is a duplication on what you do with your main to the other accounts.
one case of multiboxing popular in BC was shamelem, it could “one shot” nearly anything in PvP.

Multiboxing is an exterior tool to the game that gives the player an overwhelming advantage. It’s an old subject and banned in pretty much any game. It’s equivalent to a person using cheats in my book. They all need to be banned

Agreed it should be banned.

Since it duplicates your keypresses and send it across software that simulates those keypresses to x amount of accounts.

Which is a 3rd party software that gives you an unfair advantage.

Agreed, using external/thurs-party software that gives you an advantage is against ToS and is bannable… but…Multibox goes beyond of being an external tool.

You can multibox without external software…

it was a very popular way of having a pocket healer back in the day.