Lost ark bots in game


Is this game still for people? (release date : Februrary 11th, 2022)
I want to know if this problem will ever be removed.


Bots are an issue that has been ongoing, and likely will remain ongoing. We’ve made some pretty significant strides in the last few months and have culled queues of bots completely, and we’re still working through this to improve the situation as much as possible. Unfortunately the botters like to evolve alongside our mitigation tactics, so it is an active battle.


I’m proud and appreciate the work you guys are doing thank you

bro almost every MMO has some issue related to bots… this is not new

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Unfortunately targeting the bots won’t solve anything to a significant degree. As long as we all continue to see clear RMT players in game the bots won’t ever slow down. Some will say that RMT players don’t hinder anyone’s gameplay but that of course is false. One person can be permanently set for life in this game with a big gold purchase then never have to work for progress again. I have zero issue with in game purchases, I have bought royal crystals for various things, mainly blue crystals when I’m low on gold. When I see a 1540+ item level, roster level 78 with full level 10 gems and 5x3 setup in a group I join it is demotivating at least for me. I enjoy this game a lot but when I see vern flooded with bots again especially at the honing npc, it kills the immersion. Bots work so hard to get around the roadblocks set up by AGS BECAUSE of actual players willing to cheat and gain a huge advantage over everyone including legitimate whales who exclusively use the in game shop. As long as the risk is worth it, RMT will not stop and bots will continue indefinitely. Sure there are perma bans but not nearly as many as I would like to believe. Many openly discuss and defend their RMT and yet they continue to be active in game.

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RMTers are being banned as well.

Report them, permanent bans are being handed left and right when proven RMT is detected.

That’s it… It’s part of the community now :rofl:
But at least the server queues from bot has been no more and that’s the most important part letting real players play the game and not stuck for hours queue to get into LA

Some NA mfs buying illegal gold and complaining about why the bots are active in the game.
At least we don’t have queues anymore because AGS and SG took responsibility for your actions.



It just tires me. It’s a fantastic game that is devastated by cheating. Currently it doesn’t even make sense to report bots their number does not decrease.

I know you are doing what you can, sorry about that topic - I just had to throw it out.

Good luck in this fight - I hope it’s not just words

Bots will never be not a thing. There will always be bots out there because even though gold transition bots will always be tackled down and RMT’ers will get permanently banned, there are other applications for bots like boosting rosters to T3, collecting all the easy horizontal rewards, farming the towers and so on

The problem is not there necessarily even if bots are there. When the effect of the bots on the game and macro economy are at an insignificant level, it doesn’t matter if bots are there or not, as micro level RMT’s and whatever have absolutely no effect on anyone. It’s only when the entire market is revolving around the botting (like it was before) that it becomes a massive issue that considers 100% of the playerbase. Luckily you can even turn that into a positive, as a lot of players (myself included) made a massive bank from selling GHL’s at triple the price to people at 75g a pop, and are now getting their alts up and buying skins and whatever

However it seems like even though the dev team is going an awesome job, they’re still people too. The new 3-day hold on gold and stuff is now what’s causing macro level effects on the playerbase, while the system is in place to attack a micro level problem of botting. In short, they themselves are causing more indirect harm to the macro level economy than the bots even are right now. It’s a wild west out there without phone ID’s…

Time and time again, here’s why the issue isn’t resolved, the creation stream of the bots itself isn’t addressed, banning emptied bot accounts helps in regards to minimizing potential accounts for active gold holding for botters, but the ultimate issue is the creation.

Tie account usage to trust status, or do the biggest brain move and make this game a OTP game of something low like 3 dollars, even then you’re crushing bot profit.

The proof to this is after ban waves and after steps to improve security measures (despite still using shit tier eac) the bots return within 48-72 hours, why? Because there is nothing stopping them from fresh creations.

Yesterday, just after the update, I was in Tortoyk and I was the only one there. Not even a bot to be seen either.
I felt VERY ALONE… I wanted some bots around to keep me company.
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I’d like to know if I’ll ever see something in the forums that isn’t about bots.

this is what u said like 2 or 3 months ago, and now bots still a problem in this game which is amazing

I actually feel like i’m seeing less bots now even when i’m doing my lopangs and stop in vern. Back then i used to see a pile of them there. Also i’m not complaining about the lego grudge prices haha just finished my 20 today because of them.

Bots only exist to meet a demand for cheap gold. If buyers were permanently banned the demand would die. It’s that simple. RMT buyers, unlike bots, are not immediately replaced once they are removed.

These “players” would not make a new account and buy through the store, nor would they make a new account and RMT. They would eat their permanent ban and never return

Removing them from the game doesn’t negatively affect the rest of the player base, but many of the alternate options have (gold lock, removal of gold revenue, 2FA, VPN, etc).

RMT buyers are whales looking for a discount, whom AGS will never permanently ban. They would rather inconvenience the rest of the community than remove these “players”, which is the obvious solution everyone wants but will never get.

Three days, three weeks, or even three months is not enough. Permanent bans on the first offense is the only option that bots won’t immediately circumvent.

I couldn’t even report them in time cause too many, as they teleported away at the same time xD.

Completely agree. Anyone who says banning RMT players doesn’t help or that RMT players don’t effect our gameplay is flat out lying. They are probably an RMT enjoyer who is trying to justify the cheating. "Oh RMTers don’t hurt your experience! Banning the RMT won’t stop the botting! Blah blah, we all know the solution but as you said it will never happen. I report suspected RMTers but I still see the same names so nothing happens. And I only report those that flat out admit RMT in chat or I am 99 % sure they RMT based on roster and other factors that would make it impossible for the to get to such a high item level with no alts, sub 100 roster level even if they bought out maris shop everyday would be nigh impossible.

RMT players are potential customers that went to a competitor (gold sellers). However, bots flooding the game make you lose potential customers (players who move to another game). The increase in whales can encourage other customers to whale to “feel good”, get discouraged and move to another game, or be unaffected. Plus, many other scenarios that aren’t mentioned or are an exception.

Now the question is what actions to take to maximize your profit or pivot to profit xD Best bet in my personal opinion (although I may change my mind based on data and other input) would be to continue bot mitigation tactics, harsh punishments for minnow RMTers, lighter punishments for whale RMTers, while keeping ur selection criteria a secret. But once this is out, then whoops!!!

*Disclaimer: this is a hypothetical scenario