Lost ark bots in game

Just ban all the gold buyers. When there is no demand, there will be no bots

Due to their initial stance on RMT (light punishments), it encouraged more people to engage in RMT. This is a f2p game, so banning all gold buyers will not be a sustainable business practice (there are other threads commenting on this and it feels repetitive). Furthermore, notice that they can’t take a stance to announce that any engagement in RMT from now on will result in permanent bans due to liability issues and common business sense. They are running a business, so if you RMT and are also an amazon customer (current or potential), they will review your case and determine your punishment. On the other hand, publishing the number of permanent RMT-based bans to discourage RMT only works if the stats look good (most likely not in our specific case due to the massive number of bots).