Lost Ark Bus Stations Mega Thread

Welcome to the Bus Station!
Please sit back relax and most importantly don’t forget your seatbelt!

Currently active and Partnered Bus stations are as follows.

NA East - East Bus Station - Owner @Woogzies Woogzies#5789
Co-Owner @paranous SilentElse#8373

NA West - West Bus Station - Owner @Choichoi Ego Choi#5499

EU Central - EUC Bus Station - Owner @Nahiri Nahiri#4004

These are your official community made and ran Bus Stations for your respective region. Each may have similar or varying rules however all are welcome without discrimination provided you respect and follow their rules.

We are all apart of the same community at the end of the day under the same umbrella and that is the Lost Ark Community. That being said I would like to point out a few key important facts concerning busing that has seemingly earned it some negative stigma since the western release of the game.

Buses, Bussing, is not intended to make anyone Rich. It’s also not for those unable to complete content (Progression).

What buses are intended for is to save time across multiple Alts throughout the week.
If you missed your Statics run, or simply do not have the time to sit through 1-4HRs of Raid.

With all of that being said I have devised a very simple busing calculator which can also be located on my discord to assist Drivers with Seat pricing as a guide.

Please keep in mind everything is community ran, and sourced. And we appreciate any help that can be provided.


(Updates permissions as so all may use and edit the (Leap Stone Market Value.) Link Above!

Updated The calculator, to add a separate Sheet for Each Region.
Screenshot 2022-06-23 094551


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Since the opening of our Doors at the NA-East Station we have grown to almost 300 Members with some 95 Drivers. I would just like to say thank you to the community for it’s support on this brand new adventure, and we look forward to continued growth. While our doors have only been open for a short 12HRs we are looking to make improvements over the course of this weekend that will drastically streamline everyone’s experience entering the Bussing business, as well as further improve and extend our tools and utilities currently offered.

We am fully open to any feedback, comments, constructive criticisms anyone may have towards improvements. And look forward to working with each of you to best serve the community and provide a positive experience to passengers and bus drives alike!

See you in Arkasia and don’t forget your seatbelts!


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NA-West Server Growing Fast -Bump

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We’ve got a new Bus Bot in the discord! Better than EVER!!!

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AGS/SG should be ashame that bus exists at this scale. Lost Art is so badly designed that some players need to hire someone else to play the game for them. What is the fun in that?

It’s so cancerous and so obvious but SG still do nothing about because bus is the byproduct of their monetization, alt heavy, grindy lazy limited uninteresting content.

Sadly this will nerver change and all way will be a sore in my eyes.

You have misunderstood the purpose of bussing friend, it’s meant to save time on alts when you have lots to play. I have 8 1370+ characters and doing Guardians or Argos on all 3 of them can be a giant time sink. I don’t think the majority of the people I bus have problems completing the content as much as they are busy and are just getting their homework on alts done in a timely manner.

You don’t understand my point, if game content so time consuming and players feel like they need to do that content so that they could progress or what ever, that is a bad game design, lousy.

Bus is band-aid to “save time” aka prevent burn-out, but a good game design won’t let their players burn-out. The thing is alts bring a lot of money back to SG, so they are letting bus happen, but aslo acknowledge that they don’t like bus, subconciously they know they fail design the game, but succeed in monetization.

It’s also fun and challenging to fight bosses with less than intended numbers - that’s more my motivation tbh. I prefer it to clearing in 12minutes with a static.

But I see your point of view as well!


You cant bus Vykas p1.