Lost Ark Bus Stations Mega Thread

I cant speak for NA East but yes there are bussing communities small and closed that offer excellent service,at least when it comes to us (EUC) thats not what its about

its a public discord where anyone can be a driver, its about avoiding scammers.
Bad runs happens, some are more prone to do them then others i know the other 2 servers already have rating systems in place to handle this where u can downvote a driver for bad service. EUC is behind on this atm :slight_smile:

at least when it comes to our server its about not getting scammed, great smooth non jailge runs comes after that.

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for NA East there are a handful of guilds that are very good at bussing i agree but imo most people dont have the skills to handle bussing you have to be very efficient and play well along with keeping the bus under 40 minutes. idk about you but the idea of joe become a driver without and evidence showing me he can do busses is a recipe for diaster lets not even get started that if there some type of rating system basically all the people at 1-3 stars are going to get shafted and be alienated. this whole discord sounds like drama.

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EUC is currently the biggest bussing community from what Ive heard (over 3k members) and tbh the only “drama” (if u can call it that lol) we have is about undercutting prices lol

Yes, its different from the other servers thats closed when it comes to sellers and only buyers can join the server, that way they can keep the service very high quality

this is different as we saw a lot of people getting scammed, idk about the other regions but EUC is infested with a lot of scammers that are rocking scams of 100s of people a week

we want to help mitigate their victims, which is why this server was born, u should feel safe buying and selling when it comes to the scamming side of things.

Rating just helps a bit but theres a point system ontop of it to so yeah


So your telling me you can take my level 50 daughter and son to the world of Arkesia? This sounds like a fun field trip. Where can I sign up for my children to get a bus ride to see Argos and Valtan. They’ve heard about the stories of a goat and a demon but never have they actually saw one in real life before. Please take these two and make them see the stories they’ve been told about when they were just little babies. I want to see their dreams come true. It would make this the best day of their lives. If I ask you this much I’m sure you can manage something right? Do it for me. Do it for my children.

Aside from my own fun and imaginations running rampant and whatnot a bus does sound good to save time.

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As someone who sells buses.
When you have 1370 alt chars buying p3 argos bus saves you a lot of time.
Most time it costs 2.5k and you get 2.7k from the boss as well as 20 argos blood, lots of accessories and chance at books. bus’s are 100% worth buying on alts.


Woah I didn’t expect to be hot by a bus this hard. I understand fully the intention of it and how it helps people but wow your bus sure is fast going above 40 mph. Selling me information like this will make your competitors sell busses for a cheaper rate. Undercutting gold just enough for a good rate. The competition of bussing seems hard with little to no gold to get by though. It’s just a matter of how many people you are willing to fill the empty seats. One to seven at this point to maximize your profits. Make the kids earn free candy, sweets and their just deserts.

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my alts on NAE have taken several different busses and id say out of 30 only 2/3 were extended/hostile or plain out couldn’t do the bus

I tend to be more understanding to drivers that I haven’t seen before and can tell pretty instantly if they are new

My tips for engaging outside of discord are this use party chat talk to the drivers

  • how long they been bussing
  • how they want the payment process to go

remember their humans too


if you don’t know the content you practice it or don’t bus it its as simple as that. i don’t have 10-12 hours to play so i don’t want a reasonable chunk of my time getting eaten for something i didn’t sign up for you know?

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Is the calculations for Argos Blood to Leaps correct? You get on average 2 leaps per blood.

Also, why are the gold been halved to the calculation?

& the vykas has a multiplier of 3, just wondering what this is & why

would be nice to have some explanation, otherwise good stuff!

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The entire point of the server is to make a community where people can post or join busses, regardless of who is in the discord it shouldn’t matter. As long as the passengers get their run and are happy at the end of the day should be enough. In the server if people routinely fail runs their “Bus License” would be revoked and they would not be able to advertise doing a bus. If you have any questions about the server feel free to ask me at any time, I am one of the admins in it.

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Bussing is cringe, it should not be allowed imo, literally removes the part of the game thats most popular, the part of the game that u grind ur dailies for constantly to reach and do, im sure so many of these people gettin bussed would enjoy the fights a load if they learned them wiped a few times and cleared them, also it just doesnt take long to learn a fight, its a few weeks max of struggle until u start doin it clean.

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grinding dailies ain’t fun.

gear progression is fun.

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I wonder if there are there other bussing discords that are maybe more exclusive because they have solid players that have already been recognized? I have a few like this open invite and not very reliable but If anyone knows of any A+ discords please let me know. Maybe there is one with less drama and more reliable bussers.

there are closed communities, or more like guilds that sells, i know one on NA idk if its west or east named “royal bus” they dont let any sellers but their guild sell on the server, only let buyers in. but they bring very high quality :slight_smile:

thats the only way to keep high quality, the servers listed here are public and open to everyone.

at least the EUC one was made to mitigate the amount of scammers on our datacenter and help people not to get scammed, we can not gurantee very smooth pro runs with over 3k members

To do that u need a small seller community where u set up parties every week who goes with who etc, not doable on a larger scale.

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I can’t speak for everyone. But, even if I had the mechanics memorized I would not enjoy these raids. Wiping over and over again is not fun. Dealing with forced group content is not fun.

Idk how are u wiping tho, i been one shotting valtan or maybe 1 or 2 max wipes every week after 1st week on 6 1415+ chars

ty for the info!

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It seems the invite code for NA East has expired. Does anyone have a new invite code to it?

U actually don’t need discord busses, party finder is good enough.

As someone who was against busses from the start now I can see the value. The only real bus is Argos, The price is still a bit expensive at 1600 gold, so i hope in the future it gets to a 1000 for p3. If people are trying to get 2000 or more they are trying to scam you, as you will get 700 regardless for clearing p1. Remember the drivers need you more than you need them.

This is why I suggested a passenger union, if we can drive the price of the bus to a 1000 we would be in a great spot with alts parked at 1370.

How would you even drive a price to 1000? Bus discord exists so you can get fast and safe run without worry instead of being held hostage for 2 hours or worse getting scammed. There are plenty of scammers who literally were 24/7 in group finder scamming people. So I would rather pay 1.6k to someone reputable than 1k to some nobody