Lost Ark Bus Stations Mega Thread

Do I need to use the voip feature to make this happen? Difficult for me as my setup is in my living room. I have not been raiding because of this.

No you do not need to use the voip feature. You aren’t even required as a passenger to join our discord server. Although we would appreciate all who did to provide us feedback concerning their drivers, treatment, and speed of service.

busses do not require voice
you would optimally join the discord (though this isn’t mandatory i recommend it so that its safer for you)

sign up to the wtb buss roles (ones that fit for you) and find busses you want/need
only thing you are required is to be there to go next gate/part and to pay the ticket fair the bus drivers do the rest

Thanks for the reply and please excuse my ignorance. If I don’t join the discord how do I find a reputable driver?

some of the nae buss drivers have naebs in their title
but be aware that their have been some not part of the discord doing this before as well

Idk which region your located but if your from nae id be willing to take you along in a buss with my alts come the reset if that makes it more friendly and comfy for you

Thx again but NA West here

Nice! Woogzer at it again failing Bus attempts over and over. Great advertisement for his “NAE Bus Station”. Go check out the struggle bus at ttv/woogzies

What’s the link to this discord?