Lost Ark client lives its own life out of control

After a week or two of problems related to EAC when it freezes the game and the PC makes weird noises potentially resulting in BSOD the client now lives its own life.

BSOD during gameplay has been replaced very often with one after I close the game. Now the client changes in-game settings on its own. Back attack indicator color, cursor color, both of them are changing automatically to random colors at least multiple times a week. Today after launching the game on steam I’ve got several notifications saying “Reset due to improper preference on this PC” or something like that. They didn’t terminate the game but it launched on a wrong region, attempting to switch regions back to mine resulted in the game being restarted, after restart again, 1 or 2 same notifications about “reset” but this time the correct region. Immediately almost lost my ears because of BGM which has been turned off since day 1 on my account. A lot of settings have been changed, either defaulted (Graphics, Audio) or again randomly changed (Back attack, cursor). After adjusting settings back to their intended state I relaunched the game and didn’t get any problems. But it seems like it is definitely not the last time something stupid like this happens.

Kind of worried about the PC health, again, after closing the game very often the entire system slows down, then in like 2 minutes after it turns off my blue light screening mode and a few seconds after that BSOD. What is this? Does anybody have same problems?

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Hello @Jnx,

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing issues with your settings. Please allow me to submit a bug report on your behalf to the devs.

Thank you

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You’re welcome!