Lost Ark community cannot handle failure

Kick after 2 fails.
Quit after 2 fails.
Don’t want to help new players clear even basic argos content.
Want everything now.

Nice Community.


you die twice to the same normal pattern in vykas hard in my experienced lobby and you expect me to be nice to you?


Corrected :

People join re-clear group without knowing the mechanics, they are succo

Create learning party and everything is solved


What makes you think that you are entitled to waste others time for free?


Create your lobby type in lobby name LEARNING PARTY, and have at it.


Spend 18 hours doing a Final fantasy 14 raid or extreme and clearing it then come back at me and say the mechanics are hard in Lost Ark.

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KEKW as a week 1 savage clearer why’d you say extreme is difficult. But yea lost ark raids aren’t difficult which is why if i see a party fail an easy wipe mech 2x in arow i’m leaving. Cause if i stayed it’d end up being 5-6x in a row which is a complete waste of my time


Not the point I am trying to make, I am pointing at the toxic community.

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oh,do you do extreme 6 times a week?

And like some said, if you join " RECLEAR ULTRA FAST " and you die to General patterns and dont know mechs, that means ur toxic as hell.

who cares what u did in FF14, this is another game, lol…


Does FF14 raids have FOMO? No
Nice try, come up with better bullet points

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Honestly, i hate players that join lobbies clearly stated RECLEAR or ORBS and then not know how to do the mech.

Make a Learning Party. Stop thinking you are going to get a free carry.


:rofl: :rofl:
Best thing I read all day.

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I carry a few new groups for free each week…I can just not handle people staying afk during the fight…atleast try.

Did you join a learning group? No? Then I will kick you if you die 2 times in the same mistake if its not caused by bad luck.
Want to learn? Join a learning/beginner group.

Its your fault that you joined a re-clear group. There is literally more than 100 guide about every boss in the game. Maybe before you join for a raid, take 5-10 minutes and watch one of them.

I would never finish my weekly things if I have to teach every random player how to play on the boss.


nah learning parties are fine
they still happen plenty
hell even i saw the other day an argos learning lobby

people want their gold instead of wanting to play the game
it is not about having fun
it’s about getting brelshaza ready

also if someone kicks you for failing in argos… when that raid if ags allowed could be solo’d at 1445 the problem is in the person bitching

i was doing argos on my dps 1460 paladin and some mfer was bitching that he had a dps paladin in his lobby
while i was outdpsing him
he was bitching that i was useless even though
even though
he played worse than me

my suggestion is to not kill your braincells over people that are terrible and rely for supports to keep them alive or being disgustingly overgeared to compensate their lack of ability to press their buttons properly

Ah yes, the classic “im an entitled kid who thinks the world exist to please, its not my problem if you spent dozens of hours learning and reclearing the raid to master it, i will join your ‘experienced only’ lobby so you can carry me, just because i deserve it, and if you dont agree you are the toxic one”

Fuck off seriously


I see where you are coming from but if for example, I join/make an experience reclear lobby and I go into it and the person dies at the first 3 basic patterns. Then I’m just wondering like how are you even dying to this?

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funniest are the el cheapos vykas gate 1 purple side, they don’t know normal pattern take damage. At 30-40k hp they think I don’t need to use potion, get 1 hit by normal pattern then we have to reset. Imagine how self centered those players are just to save 1 potion!


Oh yes, good thing I only see it like 2 times since I bus on all of the other characters