Lost Ark community is toxic beyond gatekeeping

Just did hard mode G1 Valtan. Party full of 1445-1460 with gems and engravings. We did 2 runs. The first one someone messed up their orb. The second one we made it to 5 bars, the (new) party lead missed his Thirain to finish… Nevermind that I literally told him to get ready 5-10 seconds before and him waiting an additional 10 seconds then missing it, the entire party just voted to leave right after.

Voted to leave right after 2 runs on just G1 Valtan after making it to 5 bars. What the hell is wrong with you guys LOL


Welcome to MMOs. And the World in Public Lobbys. Nothing New. Spam Thread.


if you think all mmos are like this you’ve got issues bud

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Im just telling the cruel truth. Public Groups.

all mmos are like this, why would you stay in a party thats failing something thats been on farm for half a year


if you mess up your orb please join a learning party

instant disband unless the orbs spawned in a different spot because of taunt


The gatekeeping is fucking dumb. I’ve been gatekept for the fucking class I play and roster… such a dumb thing and this community needs to get their heads out of their asses.

Yeah, lots of goofballs who will gear +30 ilvl of content, 5x3 and will refuse to half carry the party they’re with. I’m actively looking for some first time argos guys so I can test out my newly 5x3’d DB

Not a single person in this game spends their time and money for the purpose of carrying other people for free lmfaooo

u know thats a reason some early whales whale right? some people (like u) just aint good tho

The mentality of the majority of the community is that if the group is having issues getting past g1, it won’t get past g2, so they decide not to waste any more time and move on.

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People are going to be much more impatient when gold tension in this game is so high you need to get 6x 3x legion raids done every week among daily chores.

disbanding after 1 2 or 3 pulls common since launch

so u must be tilted or sheltered nvr pug did guild runs till now
OP is why if u find a guild that do even half raids w/ u stay
streets cold

100% if you gotta do 18 legion raids per week you’ll be impatient. But 2 pulls and 5 bars is 2 pulls and 5 bars. And it wasnt a G2 clear it was just G1.

These are the sort of adventures in Party Finder that made me stop running stuff with Statics and PF everything.

The random PF shenanigans are more amusing than the boss

Unfortunately, MMO’s today have shifted from being a community that helps one another, being friendly and welcoming to new players to the mindset that is now more in line with playing a single player co-op with their friends.

If I don’t know you, if you’re not in my circle, I ain’t helping you.

This game design also doesn’t help since advancement is so heavily dependent on completing raids and the more characters you do it on, the better off your roster will be. Every game has their toxicity, but the community here really is something else.

The sad thing is, I don’t think it is done with the intent to be malicious. Players are just wanting to play the game in the most optimal way possible, but doing so does give new players the impression that the community is rather elitist and toxic, which possibly drives new players away.

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“friendly and welcoming to new players” in the O.G. MMOs was people camping new player spawns so your first experience with games like Ultima Online and Asheron’s Call was being dead. In UO, your ghost might have also been gated to a tiny island with no way off so your next experience was learning how to contact customer support.

They were great, though. And the strife and adversity built strong communities. The reason you get weak/non-existent communities in MMOs today is due to the coddling. People don’t feel like they need friends so they don’t make them.

They spent more time recreating and re-recruiting when the impatient people could have just wei cheez’d lmao

The norm is disband after 2 failures in re clear parties. Kinda surprised it wasnt bisband after the first fail as it was orb fail.

5 bar left and quit in the middle of a fight? WTF.