Lost Ark Community

I’ve got to post this to get this off my chest, That I was disappointed by this community. Recently i watch some clip in youtube and saw someone comment about his gear score and play-hours, then people replied by saying some undesirable thing with mocking and weird flex. if they are slow at progress let them have fun, you guys who have more high gs should give him advice in the kind way, dont go around putting off people with your wierd flex about being f2p and/or low play-hours to them and moreover saying that they are playing the game wrong. that’s not fine at all guys.

The point is, regardless what happened in the game so far whether it is P2W or not, whether the content is too fast or not, we as a community should spread positivity around. I believe the better community is the better we experience the game. I just hope this community can change as a whole to make all kind of player whether he is newbie, veteran, returning, mokokoers, and so on to have a better time as we move foward.

I love Lost Ark and I enjoy playing it, i do hope people keep loving it and show others what true love can be :wink:

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