[Lost Ark] Damage Per Second

Lost ark is a game of teamwork when it comes certain areas like Raids, Chaos Dungeon, World Dungeons, Adventure quests, Raids, and Other fun activities you do with other people.

Lost ark is more of bringing a community together, and NOT out DPSing your friends so that you can “think” you are the best. Everything is a learning process, which is improving yourself as a player with multiple classes the game has to offer, with different “roles” to play. However, if you feel like playing one class, okay.

Not only that, the game doesn’t allow you to solo through everything to a certain point in the game. If you haven’t learned that, you won’t have a good time playing the game at all. Take your time and have fun with your friends and other players! That’s what the game is about.

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Why do you people think it’s wrong to be able to see your dps. It doesn’t have to be the team’s dps. Just yours. Everyone wants to see their numbers/their progres.

Whoever wants dps meter in this game, they probably want dps meter in every single game they play regardless what genre they are at this point. What a joke.

as logn as the mvp screen exist, u cant escape that dps race thing ;d

Was that a question for me? If it was, then I’ll answer with another question.

Why do you people always want to ruin the game for everyone when the game is meant to be the way its created, then later if it does change to needy people like you it becomes a disaster?

If that DPS bar does show, the nerfing discussion begins.