Lost ark devs said they need time to rig skins for all classes when in shop we already have class exclusives and nobody has ever complained[with proof]

SInce lost ark launched, have you ever heard, oh i cant wear my gunlancer armour on berserker? or i cant wear my sorceress armour on assasin? NEVER have i read even one thread.

We as the people must not swallow this. We have to wait months for scouter and others to appear, same is not needed with skins.

If they are forcing us to wait months between class releases, atleast the skins can be sped up.

Every single one of those skins is different looking, so people will be fine with having different looking skins for different classes.



I mean if you thought it was anything other than an at best mediocre excuse dunno what to tell you. The skins are already in the game, if they sat down for like 5 minutes and picked out a handful of outfits for everyone they’d get free goodwill and praise and revenue, instead any time they’re mentioned it’s all ambiguous and we know nothing.

They’re treated like a minority part of the game when it’s actually literally the tippity top of the endgame.

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I think they’re more worried about a set like omen where all classes have a themed costume, but in this instance only 5 or 6 of the 7 character models are capable of wearing the new skin set. If they only release a single set at a time like they did omen, they are right that will cause a LOT of angry forum posts, but if they do as we ask and release more than one set at a time, and change them out quicker than once a month that will become less of an issue.

Two things they could do about this would be to start releasing the newer sets first and work their way backwards as completed old sets become available, OR release more than one set at once and release the updated old skins later for the classes that missed out.

I having a strong suspicion that they have chosen neither, because they are still releasing classes pretty slowly despite massive criticism, and one of the major obstacles to them releasing skin sets is the many classes not yet released.