Lost Ark Discord is NOT owned by AGS

It’s not owned by AGS nor does AGS sponsor it.

Not sure why it has 200k+ members, but the mods are actively banning anyone who speaks out against Lost Ark despite claiming to not work with AGS/SG and they are also removing a lot of conversations that have to do with open topics on our forums.

It seems according to AGS:

They use that Discord for feedback yet that Discord is more moderated than the Subreddit which is notorious for it’s heavy handed silencing so i’m not sure what feedback can even be derived from there.


It is quite ironic your very first sentence confirms you understand it is a private discord with zero affiliation to any public company or entity.

Yet complain how a private group can exercise their right to keep anyone they don’t want disrupting goal of the discord.

TLDR - this discord doesn’t need endless bitch and complain posts since they exist in near infinite supply here, Reddit, etc.

Even if valid reasons to complain, plenty of places elsewhere to voice it. One place with just actual useful game info like merchant spawns, class builds, etc is refreshing.


complain about private discord on a public forum



Yeah, no we’re not strict at all, you probably massively fucked up and alienated a bunch of people by being rude or spamming. You can DM a CM or staff member if you really think you’re innocent.

Also why post this here?


It is accurate that the linked Discord is not an official Amazon Games space, and is run by the community. We do not run or moderate this Discord, much like Reddit.

Regardless, there is an official Amazon Games Discord, which is what I was primarily referring to in my post. You can join it here: Amazon Games


They’re much more lenient and reasonable than we are. :roll_eyes:

Have fun @Texas !

Thank you for the clarification!

That is the discord I was talking about yesterday. Another poster told me it was “serious LA conversation” when general was comparing how they’d kink each other’s mom. That discord can not be taken seriously if you’re interested in the game.

Tbh I can totally understand it if users there are being banned who shittalk ags and complain about roadmap stuff etc.
They deserve no less.

That being said, this discord is still awesome and everyone should join it , atleast for the cool mokoko stickers!


Why would you use General for LoA discussion when we have two official game discussion channels? Also if you find anything violating the our rules please @ the community moderation team.

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I’m not going to interfere with the Discord users. There’s plenty of people in the server if someone wants to @. I was just saying for myself it didn’t seem a good resource for info.

i’m not in that one because i don’t want to give my phone number to discord.