Lost Ark endgame = Elden Ring/Dark Souls of MMOs

Let me start by saying I’m not against T1 and T2 nerfs, I think it might make people who are struggling with progress reach the endgame sooner and I’m all up for it. It’s dated content and doesn’t have great rewards (although Ruins of Elveria and Ark of Arrogance are pretty easy and don’t consume resources like Palace or Sea).

People entering T3 tough have to keep in mind wipes are core mechanic in any raids and some of the content was designed to be hard like legionaires, and even if they were nerfed in KR we will need to have the same version globally in the end.

So yeah, it’s a hard game, comparable to soulslike in which you will need to learn and play to perfection. Mistakes will kill you and your party over and over again until you don’t make a mistake. And that’s the fun of this endgame content and how it is supposed to be.
People advocating for T1 and T2 wipes being removed won’t bother me anyway, but T3 shall never be changed unless it’s a global change in all servers equally.

Of course there is lateral/horizontal content and they are focusing on these in KR for this year, but just keep in mind, some content was designed to be challenging.

EDIT: Guardian raids isn’t my point since it’s daily easy content. I’m focusing on discussing Abyss, Legionaires and later raids like Argos which is coming this month.

roll and stab is hard ?

Nope more like learning the pattern, try spamming R1 if you’re not overgeared/overleveled and the situation is the same in LA.

I tried dark soul 1 and the gameplay is so shit, no way i touch it again, not even with a stick…
It’s not hard it’s boring, borderline soporific

Lost Ark endgame = Elden Ring/Dark Souls of MMOs

Far from it. FFXIV has harder endgame raids than this.

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I’m familiar, never said one thing excludes the other, just making a comparison between needing to learn and read patterns. FFVIX has great raids as well with wipes and mechanics as well.

Not every game is for everyone

I love how everyone seems to confuse annoying to challenging. No my friend, neither Lost Ark nor any other mmo goes even close to be a soulslike.

Challenge in this game mostly comes from the overwhelming amount of CC, and CC is the cheapest way of introducing challenge. I know there are mechanics that require group coordination, but they imo are not really the point of annoyence in this game and surely don’t make it look like a soulslike.

If I might ask, what do you consider annoying? Only CC in guardian raids?

it’s actually… every other mechanic can be nullified by gear level… do 320 raid with 600 and it pretty much becomes a joke!!!

But yeah, I would not compare this game to the rage inducing thing that is souls-like, I would compare it more to Monster Hunter… but just because it has the same “social” mechanics where a single player can wipe the run by simply dying (effectively wasting other player’s rez) or messing up mechanics! But even there is not that bad… in monster hunter you get booted from the instance after wipe, in LA you can restart from checkpoint

I think most of you guys are focusing only on guardian raids instead of abyss and legionnaire raids or mythic raids to come. Usually guardian raids are daily content and not challenging enough to be soulslike yeah. I should add I’m referring to endgame raids in T3 not guardians.

That’s fair… I have not reach T3 content yet, I just managed to get enough ilvl to start Faiton (Feiton? the one after Yorn)…

I guess T3 can’t be brute forced because the necessary ilvl to do that is either not existent or really hard to get?

I guess LA will suffer the same fate that GW2 community… divided and at odds with eachother, because one side can’t be bothered to learn mechanics and the other side really loves and take pride in completing hard content

The game should have content for everyone, but nerfing making things easier is not the answer…

Anyways, to bad I had to refund Elden Ring… I couldn’t make it recognize my DS5 even if I use DS4Windows or similar…

Blockquote I guess T3 can’t be brute forced because the necessary ilvl to do that is either not existent or really hard to get?

Its more equalized, you progress way slower on worse honing rates so you gotta do the content usually on the minimum required level over and over again until you succeed to upgrade a little.

That’s why learning the fights, not wasting the dash or movement skills in unecessary times, knowing your windows of opportunity to burst damage are a big part of not only T3 but the game itself.

Btw too bad you couldn’t make it recognize on DS5, hope you can play it a bit later on at least, it’s been actually really fun and innovative with the open world, a whole new experience!

Sadly some people just want to mash buttons…

I’m really considering buying an xbox controller, I’m not a hardcore player but I get bored of easy mechanics pretty quickly… Elden ring could fill that void in case AGS goes the easy route with LA

Even the one shots can be iver come with gear. I take 80k hp into aladrics sanctuary as a paladin and can avoid doing the one shot mechanics all together and most party members can as well if i use second awakening (+60k shield) or holy protection (20k shield) + point (15k shield + 70% damage reduction).

I think this is where the crux of the issue is arising with the changes and where many people fear that once the players start experiencing this in T3, they will want the changes made there too. I don’t agree with the removal of anything, especially core fight mechanics, but maybe loosening timers slightly would be better.

Personally I don’t have an issue with how it was but I’m probably in the minority.

I didn’t know that…
there is the formula then for those that don’t want to do mechanics

Not really. FFXIV raids are about executing mechanics properly and very little dependent on proper reactions. LA raids have not only far more mechanics but also require far more reactions. Not even a competition. Global release hasn’t seen the true difficult. content of LA yet.