Lost Ark endgame

So the famous endgame I have heard so much about is waiting for 6h in the lobby for 2 supports? Looks very fun and enjoyable. 11/10 content.


Just some random public live data in KR. Looks like supports are needed but people remember they exist in moment hard content come up. You (and every other) could have static party or/and guild and lure enough active supports till now. But it was easy to not care for this.

You can always try to beat it without a support.

You mean to learn mechanics and avoid them ? And even more without personal assitent and perfect build team ?
Ofc they need support - to who will tell later “I carry you, you are welcome!”.


Why do you think supports sucks in the game?

Because Battle Potions require gold. Sooner or later you gonna need to go to the market, thus swipe.

Having a bad day?

No, actually I’m incredibly happy today because starting my dream job on Monday.
Just tired of these posts and thought I would start giving the necessary answer to these people. :blush:

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Thats amazing. Good luck and I hope it match your expectations.

Just a genuinely honest question: what makes you come to the forum and make a post like this?

Supports lacking is clearly a community issue and one that has literally been known in MMO gaming since it’s inception.

So knowing that, what gives with the obviously anger filled post?

for all the hate your giving the guy he isn’t wrong.

You dont need supports for Valtan Normal or Hard did both without supports this week its doable and the progging it no supports while u waste pots for a little you will save a lot of pots for how much you improve by playing without supports promise its worth. When you have no supports you focus much harder on not getting hit and it accelerates your learning of the fight! most of all have fun guys this is fun fight i enjoyed myself a ton cant wait to do it more next week