Lost ark forums

i was checking out the forum this morning and its actually interesting to say that there is a 9/10 post is about bots. and its fun there is nothing major going on to fix that.

How do you know that there is nothing going on to fix that?

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do you really say that intentionally? if there is something happening than the bots should be decrease. steam says it all, there is 800k players rn

ok~u must be new to the forum~ welcome~

do stay a little longer and I m sure u will find out more unusual stuff which a typcial gaming forum does not have~

So you think something like that is easily resolved? The bots aren’t decreasing because for each banned bot a new one is created…
They are obviously trying to find a solution to the issue because it’s hurting AGS more than the players. all the money they could have made if there wasn’t RMT.

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If you had invested a bit more energy to examine the graph you would have seen that something happended ~12-14hours ago. "Player"number dropped to 400k. “800k rn” is just not true.


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these guys are payed from botters man. still refusing there is no bot

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is it though, i think ags is making big money from it, and im probably not the only one that thinks that, because they have done nothing about them and they wont as there little ban wave yesterday, all the bots are back already…

cant get off the AH flipping those prots right now, got to be making bank

The fk is a prot lmao

Protections, juice. The things doubling in price over the last 24 hours?

Aaahhh its all the new raid fomo

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I just wanted to clarifiy that something happened AT THAT TIME. Now everything is back to “normal” so sorry if I was offensive.

yes i’m also sorry if i was offensive too, i just wanted to clarify to the devs that banning for 3 days wont help the bot solution

how do you think ags is profiting off the bots when the bots are quite literally directly undercutting ags