Lost Ark had the lowest 24h players peak since release

Hey guys, just wanted to give an (in my opinion anyways) interesting statistic.
Lost Arks 24h player Peak on Steam was “only” 510k players. This is obviously still A LOT of players but it is on the same time the lowest 24h players peak since release.

Usually Lost Ark peaks at about 600k-700k players in 24h according to Steamcharts, now if this has anything to do with the underlying issues of Lost Ark, the lack of communication, the honing, something else or everything at once I can not say, I just wanted to share some Info.

Source: Lost Ark - Steam Charts (Date of writing this post: 16.02. at 02:11 CET)


Because they just had a massive ban wave on bots and on people use anti-afk macros and people who RMT’d? That’s an obvious correlation that you’re intentionally overlooking to try and make a point…

im actually having launching issues, i tried everything the game says running in steam library but wont display…super annoying

you only lie to yourself, you don’t have to try to convince others of such nonsense. It just seems silly

He’s not lying though. Half of my guild got banned for unknown reasons. We’ve been trying to figure out the correlation between the accounts suspended but haven’t found anything concrete yet.

I’m tempted to go back to Blade & Souls…but my pc can’t handle it anymore…

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Oh here we go yet again… this is the 6th thread on this topic within the past 48 hours so im just going to quote myself… again :roll_eyes:

No they legit banned a very large number of players without cause. They are currently looking into what caused it. Read the thread in the support forum.