Lost Ark has become a second job

Dear Amazon Devs,

Nowadays I only log on to farm the daily materials on my 3 alts to sell materials to the whales. I’ve only just realized that it’s a second job and I’m getting paid by the whales to farm from them and instead of getting real money I’m getting imaginary gold.

Without being able to play the latest content and “playing” now is just a farming routine the rest of the player base will catch on and think “why am I doing a second job for imaginary gold?” and quit.



If you are not having fun without the latest content, you wont find it with it. 1370 is not a magical number when enjoyment start, is just another farm tool in a game focus on grinding your life out.

I hope you could find a hobby that dont feel like a second job, but I dont think LA could be it.

Why are you selling your mats for gold? What are you planning to do with the gold? Enhance your way to 1370? Buy cosmetics? Buy engravings? You’re grinding, but it doesnt seem like you have a goal anyways.

Lost Ark is a game, if you feel like it’s a chore and you get nothing out of it, just take a break. Also applies to any other game you play. I was burnt out the same way on BDO, decided to quit and play something else. Lost Ark is not “THE” game for everyone, don’t force it to be.

While I do agree that Smilegate & Amazon are doing a bad job managing the game (still no roadmap, lack of transparency, 1340-1370 phase is awful and t3 progression being gimped due to many reasons already explained by several streamers and posts), I think saying Lost Ark is a 2nd job is a bit of a stretch.

In fact, I would say I am very grateful we have the rest bonus. Whenever exam season comes along, I can rest assured because we are given the opportunity to re-coup some of the losses with the 2x drop rest buff.

I do think you are right though on the frustration of not being able to play Argos. I am not F2P and I’ve sunken hundreds of hours into the game. Yet I wasn’t even close to hitting Argos unless I wanted to swipe. And I did not want to. I’m confident most of the people in T3 also agree that this is being managed terribly and the lack of transparency needs to be addressed ASAP. So I 100% sympathize with your feelings of frustration nevertheless.

I see the OPs point. It is 100% valid with how I see some streamer and their chats’ attitude about what progression means. I felt the same way with the Argos patch realizing I’m behind with 457 hrs and still not 1370, trying to figure out what class to main etc. Slowly adding to my knowledge of the game. I feel as though I’m grinding into an abyss with no progression; to be whaled over.

I uninstalled the game realizing I’m just whale food as Asmongold explained. Burnt out and resentful.

But after some thought I reinstalled. For me the fun is actually the challenge of the game/combat no matter what tier. I like playing the varied classes even if it hursts my progression (progression being Argos raid ready). I get to do this everyday for free with no pay obligation.

Playing for combat though, also means, I’m not playing as much the last couple of days. I don’t care about honing or gold anymore; without those addictive drivers means less compulsion to play. Not necessarily a bad thing for game/life balance.

Lost Ark is a means to turn my mind off of the real world. My playtime is stress free now not worrying about alts, gold, honing and daily events. it is another good way to play the game. I suggest trying it or playing another game.

What most players don’t realize is that this game has a business model and it’s to keep big spenders and lose f2p players. That’s the way the game and the direction it’s heading is designed. The sooner players realize it, the better.