Lost Ark has been good, it's time to part way and touch some grass

After 2500+ hrs played on release. It’s finally time to say goodbye and touch grass. Here’s my two cent take on the game I loved and hold dearly.

The game itself we can all say is basically a second job at this point with all the same repetitive grind, starting from chaos dungeon into guardian raids for the day , to finishing your legion raids and what so ever waiting, for weekly reset to come by only to do the same thing over and over. I enjoyed every aspect of that little bit of grind. But it all comes a time when too much is too much.

The game itself has a lot of potential moving forward and I hope to see what’s to come for the west’s version of the game. As a player who has a roster full of 1460+ each day you would find yourself in a jail vykas run or a lobby that is short of supports, Also lately I’ve noticed the amount of gatekeeping that has been going on, It makes players like myself feel like if you play solo or you’re a starting player It wont be a game good for you in the long run with all the price inflation in the game. Luckily for me I had a static throughout Valtan to Kakul-saydon and every moment was bliss. From Doing Kakul-saydon blind for a week straight to finally finishing every gate within 3 weeks was also very fun. I’ve never played a game as enjoyable.

I know Brel is around the corner and It would seem fun to tilt for 6hrs only to finish gate 1, But overall I wish the players of Lost Ark best of luck to clearing Brelshaza week one I know you gamers out there with assassin mage will clear easily.

Best of luck Mokoko’s and goodluck to the future of Lost Ark~



Enjoy the grass!

I have a good balance between the game and touching grass so hope to continue to keep playing :slight_smile:

Take care mate !

It’s a second job because you made it a second job. You also posted this thread to farm interactions about the game and want attention from strangers to tell you don’t leave or feel some type of empathy… But gratz you got 3 replies, and 1 was mine. You got caught with the FOMO flu and then decided to give in and no life the game, then you quit and then blame the game for being too grindy. Nobody is out here holding a gun to your head telling you to run all your chaos dungeons and guardians every single day. Stop blaming the game and start blaming yourself. Good riddance that you’re leaving. sheshh


wrong, if you dont someone else will, they’ll keep generating gold which will cause inflation, if you wanna stay ahead of the inflation yes you have to do all your dailies/weeklies and anything that generates gold or resources that can be sold for gold, it is a second job whether you like to admit it or not.


OP must have struck your nerve HARD :rofl:
What a drama queen :clown_face:

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You can always come back after touching some grass, just saying :upside_down_face:

congrats my friend.
you’re now free. go touch all those green grass,
and don’t come back. or the shackle of fomo will trap you back


You got all that from his post?
Damn, you must be a wizard or something xD

It’s true the game is a grind. Most, if not all, MMOs are.
It’s also true that due to inflation, it’s hard to keep up (in gold) unless you do all your dailies properly.
I think everyone has a right to go and play/do something else if they’re tired of the game. Don’t know why sharing that feeling bothers you so much lol

Good for you @Guildarts ! I hope you come back some day :smiley:

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I indeed don’t enjoy lobby simulator
Maybe I should touch some grass too

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If it wasn’t max 6 chars per roster earning weekly gold, you’d probably run 17 alts, as a 3rd, 4th and 5th job.

It’s not the game, it’s you who turned it into chore simulator and burned out quickly.
Just saying.

Most of LA players are clueless how to make gold, so instead they create 47647658475 chars and spent 50 hours doing repeatable stuff, hoping to get rich. But in the end they are the reason of skyrocketing inflation, so they create another alt to cover their loses and the circle of hopelessness never ends.


remember to come back and use your life energy so you can still keep up when the price is good lol


Prob a good time to quit right now with how incompetent AGS just proved to be right now. Games not going to last long, KR server will, not western server though. AGS just burns everything to the ground. Better touch some grass before AGS burns that too.