Lost Ark has fair honing, change my mind

Stop playing the game in order to hone perfect every time, look at like this:

You’re gathering mats in order to go up to the 100% mark which is guaranteed and anything else you get along the way is just good RNG.

If more people adopted this simple mindset they’d be less frustrated at how honing works in this game.


i agree honing is fine, i can definately live with 10% or less upgrade,
its the lack of daily materials to keep honing thats the problems, i do chaos dungeons, guardian raids, dailies etc on my main + 4 alts & i usually get enough to get 3-4 upgrades at most, as soon as i’ve done it all i’ve got nothing left to do, and can’t get any further unless i swipe which i refuse to do with such a flaky company running the game. and these events are great n all but cleaning out 2 vendors for another 2-3 upgrades for 1 day still doesn’t do much for the daily life.


We need the additional sources of materials, and also need the honing buffs that came to KR, simple as.


Another day, another Foci troll thread


I don’t gather mats I got my 10000 viewers to funnel to me

ez game.


It def doesn’t but you’re in every post making dumb statements trying to get people to argue and making comments about things you know the community will go nuts over.

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I’m a leader figure in this community, this is normal.

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I mean its not that hard man, all it takes is clicking a button whenever you have enough mats. Idk why you need to invent some coping mechanism in order to not freak out when your honing fails.

Theres nothing troll about what he said though.
Literally everything he said is accurate.


Western audience plagued with FOMO when Valtan isnt even gonna be released for at least another month.

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One of the only posts that I can actually agree on with foci despite his troll posts.

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I knew you’d join my side eventually, welcome.

how I see honing, either you get it or you don’t. Each tap is 50:50

I like to put the % into a fraction makes it look much better than it does if you were to put it into a % for ex: 30% it may look small but if you were to put it into a fraction 1/3 now it doesnt look so bad.

Ok whale


Well said. That’s why I don’t know why some players prefer 100% rates but with higher material cost… Current system is basically the same thing but gives a chance to succeed earlier and save on resources.

My mindset is that pity is like a safety net and saves us from potentially failing infinitely. If I get an upgrade earlier than or at average, then I feel that I’m really lucky; if not, then maybe next time.

Honing rate increases will come. Maybe when Legion raids or future content comes out; when it is necessary to push players pass 1400. Though, if we plan to move along smoothly at an accelerated pace, we will need frequent resource injections. So that we don’t have another Argos incident.

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Great response :+1:

Yeah understandable re the Alts. But there isn’t anything wrong with just logging off for the day and coming back to try again tomorrow?

Everything’ll still be there and it may just help with your frustration.

no one is perfect, but the opposite is also true, here is the proof :stuck_out_tongue: