Lost Ark has very narrow builds - Sugestion for Stats Balance

“People can build whatever path they want”
It is not entirely true in Lost Ark.
Every class boils down into 2 depend on their Identity Skill.
Be it engraving/stats/tripod, everyone will build exactly the same way. Because if they don’t, they will lose a lot of impact on their class.
And for a game that has been developing for 8 years, this is sad to see.

If you take a look at a similar game, Path of Exile for example. Every path you choose contribute to your end game and it doesn’t fall off in term of impactful. You can get all the STR nodes, then later convert all STR into INT to play a mage build while having access to Warrior perks/skill, it is possible.

Now I’m not saying Lost Ark should follow that much of diversity, but there are certain aspect that could be improved to encourage more builds and diversity.
Here are my suggestions:

1. Elemental Effect should affect boss but in a different way than it affect normal monster (work along Domination as it increase dmg vs debuffed enemy)

  • Ice Debuff : Reduce Water resistance (thus improve further water dmg depend on stacks). This encourages people to take Ice Tripod instead of just going Dark/Fire for extra dmg. And useful if you have other Water Element user in party.
  • Electrocute Debuff: Increase Stagger Damage. Help with Stagger check on classes that has low Stagger Dmg


  • Expertise: Add Penetration to Armor / Elemental Resistance
  • Domination: Increase Elemental Damage / Increase Damage base on HP/Armor (Improve support dmg and work along with Endurance)
  • Endurance: Reduce Escape Skill Cooldown. Increase Combat Resource Recovery/Pool. Make Shield and Healing affect party members (with lower percentage for balance)

With just a few changes above, I’m sure you can definitely see more builds around. Expertise / Domination / Endurace accessories become more valuable. And people won’t get frown on for having less popular stats.

An example build with the changes above:
I can make a Sorc (or or any class) that only use Ice/Fire Tripod with Expertise/Domination stats, since they increase dmg from my debuff and make my debuff last longer. My stagger skills does more stagger dmg because Sorc has very limited Stagger skills.

Instead of just copying just one build and know it just work. Different build offer different playstyle and the moment you see your build come together, it’s the best experience.

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Who told you that “people can build whatever they want in lost ark?” That guy kinda griefed you.

They dont need this patch. domination , endurance , expertise exist for PVP setup. Next Continent
“Rowen” is RvR and PvP continent and content. and you will get many weekly stuff for PvP at Rowen.

Path of exile provides the illusion of choice this becomes obvious once You gain enough knowlege and understanding of the game… your choices in lost ark comes down to balancing cdr crit and spec or in other words cdr, crit spec (witch is dmg or crit dmg in most cases) same as poe…adding main stat converstion only adds one more build archetype… i feel like balancing cdr with dmg to optimice /determin your playstyle is already to hard for alot of people… and on top of that you can mix your engravings depending on your stats… but in the end if you want to min max in any game your choices gets narrow no mather how many options there are…

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