Lost Ark Hotfix - 5/13


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you can’t be serious… shit happens that’s why it’s called a hotfix when you’re bringing it down in short notice at a not normal scheduled time. Unless you expect them to see the future or some shit


This is to prepare for a content update that they do know will happen and have planned.
It is odd to not have this in place in normal planned downtime.

The “needed infrastructure improvements” should not come as a surprise.
I guess maybe Smilegate just left out some important info that would have been nice to know for AGS earlier.

you can’t be serious… you also realize that every month has 4 weeks and there has been at minimum 3-4 “hotfix” outside of the weekly maintenance every month, almost 1 or 1 happening every other week. There is a very clear pattern these “hotfix” aren’t that HOT.

Seriously, if it happens seldomly or not that often, nobody is going to waste their time and create a forum post about it.

Gonna be real here. This hotfix has nothing to do with “infrastructure improvements” because these things could have been deployed during the weekly maintenance.

This has to do with one thing…actual major bugs that impact the game heavily enough to bring down the servers on the same day they were reported.

I guess they forgot to do the maintenance yesterday.

“This has to do with one thing…actual major bugs that impact the game heavily enough to bring down the servers on the same day they were reported.”

Like what? Can you tell us which major bugs are you talking about?

Ones that would cause more problems if they were listed.

Things like gold duping or item duping…something incredibly serious that needs a server takedown like that :joy:

It’s very painfully obvious. AGS has zero reason to do things out of schedule unless it was something that could kill the game ON THE SPOT if it wasn’t addressed in the same day it was reported.

So yeah, its best that we probably don’t know what it is.

Additionally it could also be parts of the preload that could have gotten in the game. Maybe someone found a way to get relic accessories already. Maybe the south vern chaos gates were already up, maybe the south vern chaos gate vendor was up? Maybe combining maps up went ot relic and people were able to run them a week in advance?

Maybe the omnium star wasn’t supposed to drop in normal chaos line but WAS DEFINITELY POSSIBLE after this patch specifically.

Well i can guarantee that cooking recipe part six still do not drop to me.
I try every day and total amount of hours exceed 6 hours of youtuber paid advertiser a lot.

Most likely something broke and it was risky to leave it there (maybe some dupping stuff for example). That’s why they can’t be transparent about it. Imagine if they tell us what happened. Botters will try with all their power to find a route to the already fixed issue and find more ways to exploit it.

in normal games its done a bit differently
like you get notice when they upload it on the servers, then you restart game watch it upadate and you can keep playing in ~5 min

making 2x 5h maintance in a week is something unusuall :slight_smile:
Im not sure what “hot” stands for amazon but usually its used for fixes that not brake service providing :slight_smile:

you dont know what hotfix really means