Lost Ark increasing GPU temps

Thank you for the additional information!

Hi there, hope all is well.

I appreciate you escalating the issue - would you happen to have an update by chance?

In my case - things usually run smooth - I guess I’ve gotten used to windowed mode lol.
Occasionally, the temps will skyrocket during random activites (BR, Chaos dung, Legion raid).

I noticed that if I close the game and restart it, wait a few minutes, it then stabilizes.

For example : Last night I was running Valtan on my GS, GPU peaked at 82c. I closed the game, waited a couple minutes, ran Valtan on my Sorc - GPU never went past 70c.

As @steelraven mentionned, there are certain instances that make my temps climb, Kungelanium, chaos dung and legion/abyss raids.

Do keep us updated.
Thank you

Hi there,

It has been quite a while - any updates on this issue?

Thank you