Lost ark is a solo MMO with barely any social content

and it’s sad.

  • there is no way to tchat in the area channel because there is no other recrutment channel (for guilds or +1) so no way to chill discuss without beeing anoyed
  • there is no fun stuff, like firecamp of chairs items that could be used to spawn stuff and Talk/rp arround the fire
  • there is no “life” in the world du to the instance systeme everywhere, people are splitted, it dosnt feel any coherent
  • there is no community on a particular serv (mainly because crossserv raid etc)

It’s a solo mmo with an “add 3 random bots” button, most dont even talk, ever x)


Well yeah thats what happens when your entire game is based around weekly lock outs.


Unless, u wipe so much on Valtan that you start talking to your group.


Your first point is a lie. Im on NAW (Valtan) and chat is mainly ppl talking.

Not wrong but theres plenty of places in game with beach chairs etc that you can use.

Fair point most people are at chaos dungeon/guardian raid table. If you wanna see ppl actually around the world try skilling loads of ppl there.

Then dont use crosserver. Join a guild and play with em.

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true it’s kinda sad , it’s even hard to get a “hi” when you join a guardian/raid :confused:


Yea I also get this vibe. It doesn’t feel like an MMO in terms of the social aspect. I think a few things create this atmosphere:

  • channels
  • no specialized crafting
  • nothing really contested in the open world (resources, territories, etc)
  • excessive ilvl gates isolate players
  • no really difficult pve content to form a bond with players (Valtan is the first hints of this) but we also get info ahead of time from KR so never really get the true “new content” experience.
  • weekly lockouts feel bad, cause exclusion, and make content feel like a chore.

Despite being riddled with problems New World (bringing it up since I played it before LA) did a much better job of this.


New world sowewhat felt alive because less instance everywhere, and BUS of people running pvp objective there and there, more contact with a real world i think :slight_smile:


Thats the whole point of joining a guild w discord

-everything is locked behind instances made of 4-8 people
-why is the world dead
Nice “MMO” lol, the only places where people interact with each other are Islands/world bossed and ships but even there they just do it, collect their reward and are back to doing their chaos dungeons/UNA tasks on alts.


Yea you would actually get to know people on your server. That can kind of happen in LA if you hang out in CH1 punika but … what do you actually do with those people? There’s nothing really in the world to bring people together as an activity. Everything is on a schedule and thus everything feels like a chore.


guilds dont talk. ive been through 25+ guilds now and ive never seen a single person talk. at first i thought the guild chat wasnt working but it just turned out all guilds are dead and the few people on in them never say a word. you dont even get a ‘welcome’ message from people when you join like in literally any mmo in existence.

This is not an mmo. its an arpg. The weekly lockout system is fundamentally bad in every way possible


We just did a giant (10 players+) Lion dance at Moake spawn site, but no Omnium Star yet again…

… but yeah, that’s top social content you can have in the game right now other than raids etc.

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Lost Ark is a mobile solo player experience built on PC with a great co-op battle system.


The game is actually a solo MMO. I find it hard to even socialize with people day by day in Lost Ark and the lengths of conversations almost always end up very short. I in particular blame on the focus of upgrading ilvl since it divides people from interacting with other people. People are already too focused on getting ilvl to get the newest content and that’s all they want. More ilvl determines how well you play the game. Nothing else matters aside from upgrading your gear and getting the highest ilvl.

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my experience is the opposite, me and my guild members are chilling in discord whenever we are online, a small guild with only 5 people, just talking and having fun while doing dailies, carrying each others alts, doing card runs, we didn’t know each other before this game, now we playing other games together too, recently all of us even bought elden ring and stream in discord after we finished out dailies

Thats true but ppl who checked, known that before LAO was released. This game is not true MMO it has some multiplayers system and thats all :sunglasses: You dont have to play in guild.

Mmos will always be solo if you don’t go out of your way to find a group of people to interact with.

Yea its funny how ppl complaning instead just change game. In New World or Albion they complain about no solo content here they complain this is not MMO too many solo content xd

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We dont talk in guild chat aswell. Precisely why we have discord.

If your idea of “MMO” in 2022 excludes a pair of headphones and voice availability, its not the game s fault, it s your own choiche to stay out the social side

Well we can blame asg/smilegate for almost not chatting as we get hit fk filter for bascially very thing.

Purpose of filter? no clue, as we getting bombarded with rmt spam.

Just remove the damn filter so we can communicate inside game and stop WASTING resource trying to block bot spam as you WILL always fail at it.

Also stop wasting resources on combating bots through geolock etc. THEY will always find a way.
This is 2022. Not 2005!

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