Lost ark is a solo MMO with barely any social content

Every game has it’s own thing.

That’s why it’s important to play other games and not just one.

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Not particularly surprising once I started playing. Everyone I started with were just telling me to solo all the 1-50lv content on my own. Coming from OG MMOs and used to just chilling or farming mobs, I still matchmake those dungeons to meet people. Now closer to “real game” or “end game”, people say to solo chaos dungeons/chaos line and speed run abyss for cards. But mostly quietly.

There are social people. But the game is not really geared towards that. You also don’t have a “global chat”, people will be going to Roh to S.Vern and you’ll catch them on one of the three area chats they pass through. People come on do their dailies/weeklies and then leave. You can’t farm bosses for omnium stars or keep doing raids for better gear. So you don’t stick around.

Best bet is like everyone else here is saying, find a social guild/discord/static.

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Join a discord and guild, tons of ppl chat there.

i always said that it’s an mmorpg without the interaction of an mmo or the feels of an rpg.

it’s feels more like a darksouls boss fight game, you get hit a couple of times you die, and boss has lots of mechanics that you need to memorize and dodge over and over and over again

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This instance system is what makes me love the game.

All the other aspects are maybe solved by making friends.
Nowadays is easier to communicate with anyone through discord so i guess SG prefer to focus on get to the game faster that is what everyone woth busy schedules wants.
Guilds and group of friends are key to enjoy LA from my pov

It’s 2022. The majority of MMORPG interaction is driven by various discords.

Sorry the game doesn’t force people to interact with you. Maybe it’s a you problem?


So, for you, the point of a “massively multiplayer game” is to talk to 5 ou 10 guildemates OUTGAME and do the social part here ?

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quoted your reply as best answer x)

That’s because people only login to meet up their daily work hours, I mean dailies and leave.

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That’s why in MMORPGs guilds are always important. there is honestly not much socializing between strangers outside of trade chat at times in MMORPGs. WoW, no one talks even in dungeons/raids much. It’s doing the content until it’s over or if you fail then you have people screaming at one another and people leave. In FFXIV, it’s similar but since the punishments for being toxic are heavier, people just end up not talking at all. Honestly, I played a lot of FFXIV and I can’t remember the last time people even talked to be in the Zone’s chat and in a major city and on a very populated server. At the end of the day, this is how MMORPGs are nowadays. weekly or daily content and then dip or just RP with a community.

Its not a classic MMORPG like WoW. There is no open world here where you will just find a player and doing some sh*t together.
The only social life here is that you join a guild and you speak with the members on discord.

Well, it’s not for them or for me or for anyone else. It’s how reality is in MMORPGs nowadays. MMORPGs are about making your own community or being part of a small community in the game nowadays. It’s a big flaw in the MMORPG’s but it’s honestly just how the gamers evolved and kind of shifted towards copying what happens in Real life.

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That’s what discord is for.

Well, yea though that’s not exactly a new trend. MMOs have been moving that way for a while.

It’s not just guild content either. You can thank WoW for a lot of it.

Remember when you needed a Warlok in WoW to summon people or a Mage handing out Mana Stones? Nah, just do auto party finder where no one talks. MMORPGs had built in systems that encouraged players to seek each other out to help make the game easier.

Ultima Online was skill point based. You could only be good at so many things then you needed other players to help fill in those gaps like Armor smiths, Poison Craft, Food and of course different combat skills. Players could also kill you and take your gear.

EverQuest this was build into classes. Wizards and Druids could teleport you anywhere in the game. Clerics could rez you saving hours of exp grind. Monks and Rogues could delve deep into dungeons and help you recover you corpse.

These non-combat related interactions are what make MMORPGs into a community and social game. Guild Raids are the bare minimum of what they can do for creating a living world.

That’s all lost to time now and it’s because MMOs started putting too much weight in gear to play off addictive personalities which they gave rise to the snowflake rampage where everyone thought they deserved this gear because each iteration was such a big difference.

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It’s not a lie. You just haven’t experienced it. I know for a fact that I spam guild recruitment message every 3 mins when I’m online.

I tried chatting so many times in Lost Ark (I come from FXIV and WoW before that), very rarely got an answer. Quite a disappointment when compared to the super chatty FFXIV people.

Different for everyone.

For me? socially? we all hang out on discord + people can come and go as they please, play the game together and this is how I prefer the game for communication. It’s annoying to type everything, and my group/guild has always agreed to this. No one wants to type out essays each time something needs to be said or asked.

Perhaps find an only chat guild…???

For content? it couldn’t be any better as LAO got it nicely done. There is content where you must come together and the amount is perfect/fair. Once or twice a week raids etc. this is a good amount.

But we’d be damned if we had to wait for JON to get back from picking up his kid, then ice cream then ball game… then CRIS to get out of class from Uni or Jimmy to get out of high school football practice etc. Nah I’m glad you can do things solo majority of the time or don’t have to rely on Bob who quit the game but was your armor crafter etc.

I just want to add, that if we recruit/find new folks we prefer/look for this culture in them as we want them to fit in. So really an MMO community is what you make of it, not just what the game offers.

Eh. It’s rare you’ll get more than a memester sentence or a joke.
The game doesn’t allow much then you’re on to your next chore.

I still play P99 sometimes.
If you want an MMO where people just talk all the time. That’s by far the #1.
Besides people asking each other to help with something, EQ is just a much slower game so talking with your group while hanging out in a dungeon comes natural.

Goal driven players and gameplay that rewards such behavior and punishes the lack of it, cycling back into each other. You can hang out in Punika on channel 1 and see if there are people there, the rest is limited.

I think this was a big and underrated part of why EQ evokes so much nostalgia. People hated having to find a spellcaster to bind or a more specific class for some other service but it pretty much forced you to interact with the world around you, so you couldn’t isolate yourself solely into whatever close-knit social circles you belonged to. This fostered a sense of community and encouraged you to meet new people all the time.

Lost Ark by contrast is about as far on the other end of the spectrum as you can get. You don’t even need to find crafters for crying out loud. At best you need 7 other people in a discord willing to raid, but most of the game you can get away with completely solo.