Lost Ark is already Top 5 All-Time Peak played games in Steam history!

Hi all,

Even with all the troubles during launch, Lost Ark is already in the Top 5 All-Time Peak played games in Steam hitting almost 1 million players, even surpassing games like New World.
Congratulations to Smilegate for this incredible game and Amazon Games to not screwing publishing it.

Bravo Zulu!

Well, the founders pack release was almost smooth as butter.

Now, about the launch day for everyone? Ehm, perhaps… not as smooth. However, out of all MMO’s I played, AGS did it better with Lost Ark, so at least props to that.

Coz all players are spending hours in queues and for steam its just game client opened for hours, so they’re all playing ))

Game is 4 years old

Well, tell that AGS. Maybe they need to learn that lesson and what it means for servers and compute requirements.

This is such an awful bunch of incompetent software architects.

Do you know this is a F2P game release? lets see numbers next month

That’s what dynamic server provisioning in the era of cloud computing is for.
Requirements change, servers and capacity AUTOMATICALLY change along with it.

Seems to be something, AGS does not know. They should go learn the basics.