Lost ark is currently complicated for newbies

unfortunately game placed powerpass making people arrive ingamer of the game does not teach anything for novice players of the game with Vykas and Valtan Kakun with mechanics there is no player in the lost ark with patience to help new players the most advanced players don’t want to know about help the novice players are close to the gamer the game is giving Powerpass and does not start the mechanics the novices are dependent on the Community to start not all players are more advanced have the patience to teach the novices in the game the will it gets very negative on Stean because of that


Game is nearly a year old and there is NO INCENTIVE to help out new players. Sorry but that is the way it is.

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That’s why novices give up the game because nobody wants to hear about help, unfortunately this is Reality The lost ark team also doesn’t think about helping with this requirement of the gamer who needs new players too

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he lost ark team should also think about newcomers to the game, this would also help bring more players to the games, this would help a lot not only Lost ark and make the lost ark top again with newcomers arriving at lost and being helped by the game itself


This has been an ongoing issue with the progression design of the game. While I love this game’s story, visuals, gameplay, music, etc. I cannot recommend the game to my friends. Starting from zero isn’t too bad for the first 20ish hours (solo questing, exploring, etc.) until you reach content that requires multiplayer (i.e. raids) where a new player will hit a hard wall.

There is no system in place to recreate the experience that the original-game (OG) release-date players had last February. We, OG players, got to experience the slog through T1-T2 content, populated island events (“where’s tooki!?”, Spida Island, Alakir Island, coop sailing), and a healthier/newer economy (gold could be earned at much lower levels).

Nowadays, the bulk of the OG playerbase is deep into T3 content with mains in the upper 1400s (some of us are well into the mid 1500s). Thus, everything below say Kakul-Saydon (1475) is a trivial weekly chore and for time-efficiency’s sake, we prefer to rush through content as fast as possible. This leaves new players, even powerpassed, completely in the dust and with no way to meaningfully participate in group content.

New players will naturally have a lower roster level, less-developed characters, fewer engravings, lower gems, etc. which make them very unattractive to the OG players (in public parties) for when they try to speed-clear the weekly content. Furthermore, because the new players lack experience in the more difficult raids, they are even more of a liability to runs than simply their lower character’s power providing less contribution. This issue gets worse as the raids get harder, to the point that new players are then either forced to quit or to buy a bus to “clear” mid-level content (lower legion raids). By buying a bus, the player loses out on wealth growth (by paying gold to drivers) and raid experience (to clear the content normally), forever keeping them in the bus-rider-for-life program.

Thus, there of course need to be changes to try to better integrate the new players with the OG players. However, such changes have to be carefully implemented as to not overly burden the OG players while also not unfairly boosting new players.

Some proposed ideas across other threads include:

  • Mentoring reward bonuses (Mokokos in raids increase loot earned for everyone) - This idea however enhances the bussing culture in that the drivers will now prefer new players even more as passengers. It also would push groups to have “token mokokos” in their raid just for the extra loot; these “token” players would generally just afk and die while everyone else clears the raid. (Not fun for the Mokoko player).
  • Reduce weekly burden on OG players (daily chaos/guardians are reduced from 2 to 1 with 2x rewards, legion raid adjustments, etc.) - This idea is another popular idea that would for sure reduce the number of hours of repetitive grinding that the OG players do every week, hopefully freeing up more time to help newer players. However, it could also simply not help the situation at all (and the OG players just logoff after their content is done for the day/week).
  • Incentivize (or buff) older content with repeatable rewards (T1-T2 content, islands, etc.) - This would be a simple-yet-effective way to bring back players to do some of the classic content (akin to how adventure islands are done). Perhaps there could be weekly quests where players can substitute a legion raid entry for some quest to clear 3 island adventures (e.g. Tooki, Spida, Alakkir), on up to 1-3 characters per roster per week. The rewards given for that could be a combination of the legion raid loot and other rewards (e.g. sailing coins, card packs, etc.).

Anyways, I will just leave these ideas here and hope that someday the developers find a fun way to integrate the new players with the older players in a symbiotic way that isn’t exploitative or overly repetitive/cumbersome.

Thanks for reading.


It’s been a while since I had a pleasure to read a post this wise.

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We need mentor system like some other mmos, where players get rewards for helping other players


good some Brazilian Streamers are helping some newbies of the game this is already good but we find other players who don’t have patience help those who need in the mecs of Valtan Vykas and Kakun would like the Developers of Lost ark think about Putting something that helps the Game newbies like this Lost ark Would win New Players like Lost ark I’ve been playing for a while I’m getting to know Valtan and Vykas Today with a few wanting help if you go see there is a Carry scheme in the game that made those who need to do some content pay with gold to be able to make the equipment of the Leginarios I think it’s totally wrong to pay to be able to complete a game’s content so I’m no longer Recommended the Game for Nobody to Play Alone because it’s hard to make friends in the game I started a few months ago just increased the difficulty this is away new players wanted game team do something to help newbies You are logged into the game to receive more Recommendations on Stean’s own game platform

Guys who are 1590 should look back and see who is presizing not dependent on the game Launch content and stay here on the forum complained that the game has no content will forget to help novice players exist in other games Guilds Recruited in the game’s own chat called os novice players Guild and helped them idea and help Momoko is starting in the game

Some of us, 1560s have work and life. I don’t have that much of time to teach vykas, I can carry valtan, but most raids are impossible to solo carry


We need a roulette system to do old content with would matchmake us with new players in exchange of silver, card pack honing mats ecc

lostark is a ceaseless grind, get good or get lost, enough said

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another point, most newbies are f2p who dont pay for the game, devs dont care too much about them really

someone would expect that ppl who wants to play MMO in 2023 can actually find guides on internet like for any other MMO. if you compare it to WoW do you think someone would invite you without gear, potions, flasks and right stats even into normal raids? good luck with that when you dont know mechanics and you will wipe the group.

While I agree that legion raids and mokoko gatekeeping is hurting new player retention, I do think that in terms of game being complicated bigger culprit are multitude of systems that they are bombarded from the start of the game.

  1. Tripods (much more accessible now tho)
  2. Cards
  3. Multitude of collectibles
  4. Trade skills
  5. Adventure islands
  6. Engravings (books, stones, accessories)
  7. Events + Alarms
  8. Rapport
  9. Una
  10. Roster levels + Combat levels
  11. Gear and content tiers
  12. Honing 3x(shards + 2xStone types + all kinds of juice)
  13. Gems
  14. Stronghold
  15. Runes
  16. Combat (counter, stagger, weak point, front attack, back attack)
  17. Battle items
  18. Adventure Tome
  19. Multitude of currencies

And a few others that unlock later in the game or I forgot about. I know that I was overwhelmed by this. Didn’t know what to do in order to not make a big mistake, what to focus on, what to ignore and so on. I’m pretty sure this scares away good portion of potential players.

the only important thing for new player is to know what is chaos dungeon, what is guardian raid and how honing works. everything else can be learned just by slowly playing and reading some guide quests.


“people won’t carry me so I quit”

people don’t know that each person has a difficulty learning the mechanics of a Leginarios thinks that watching video on youtube they think they can learn something unfortunately the lost ark does not teach anything to the Newbies it arrives at the Leginarios without knowing anything it doesn’t postpone it puts Hyper express as wanting players to pay Carry to be Carried in No Leginario Lost ark complicates things for mokokos