Lost Ark is like an Amusement Park

…many attractions each fun for 5 minutes, always relying on new content. All “Make up”, no depth, no complexity hidden in simplicity.

Game Design is absent or wrong at each aspect of the game. From raids to the UI, the design is horrible. They should use Lost Ark in software and game design schools to teach what not to do.

Just hit 1370 and realized that the game has no rewarding aspect. Its just a perpetual rince repeat of you, raising your item level for a boss who jumps here and there with sidewalk chalk game rules played by kids on the street. Once you beat that boss, raise your item level and wait for the next one while gathering mokokos here and there.

The game completely forgets to challenge players imagination, creativity and wits, pushing their own uniform, linear and constraint and agenda.

The only thing you should look forward to, is the update of the 7th Ark so you can finish the game and uninstall to move on to better games.


Ain’t mmo in general is amusement park? What were you thinking? A 2nd life?


MMO in general don’t have these qualities, Lost Ark is esp. dull and almost mobile game like but it is what it is.

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I agree! I find myself logging in to do that 5 mins and thinking… what else to do… not alot… figures 1 million players walked away and counting


So there are currently 3 types of MMORPG… Theme park, Sandbox, and dead MMORPG…
LA fall into category theme park i just passed 1370 this week and i enjoyed the journey… the time for me to leave this theme park is not over yet, there are still some islands / place i haven’t explored.
If you think the game is not for you anymore that’s fine at least you have gotten to the “last ride” not many players achieved 1370

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People trying to find something that won’t exist for them unless it was their first MMO. They’re just chasing the dragon.

yeah bro you didnt like the game thats fine

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Im waiting for the “Last” Ark, the 7th one. Till then, Im gonna try to get that Astray ship. Wondering why since I did most islands.

Wait for updates and come back later. This is the basic bitch version of the game atm. I will be playing though :slight_smile: