Lost Ark is one of the most wholesome and social MMOs i've ever played! ❤

Just wanted to share this story with you guys:

But earlier on when I started playing LA, I realized that there was tons and tons of people doing content at every iLevel so I never felt the FOMO or the drive to go out of my way and rush content.

I took a lot of time just enjoying Mokoko’s/Rapport/etc.

This one time I decide to do a T2 Abyss and I get put in with an incredibly helpful party, I was dying every fight but folks were incredibly patient and were explaining everything to me. I even got one of them on my server sending me a mail and DM’ing me after to let me know that I did a great job for a newbie!

I mean I haven’t seen something that wholesome in MMOs for a long time, I even ended up joining their guild and they helped me hunt down Mokoko’s in hard to reach places and we sail around and do adventure islands together.

Honestly, out of almost every MMO I tried (WoW/FF14/GW2/etc) I have to say that LA has to be one of the most wholesome and socially active communities i’ve ever been a part of.

Hopefully this story gives people hope and motivation, and I hope everyone is having a blessed day/night! :heart:





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Had to grin. However, it is very easy to make me laugh. So no big accomplishment. 2/10

Also: Third


Wow… what an amazingly beautiful story :face_holding_back_tears: :clap:


I’m just saying, LA is a very good game to find wholesome social interactions in. Just takes a positive mental attitude! :smiley:



Not sure how this gif is relevant to my story? I’m just sharing my experience…


why even the ignore feature is broken on AGS forums?


:rofl: Gotta say these post are giving the NW forums a few months back a run for their money.


Why come onto a thread you know you’re going to not like just to disagree with it??

I literally said nothing wrong in my OP, but I guess people will hate on anything positive and wholesome on these forums :woman_shrugging:

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That is incredibly sweet of them :slight_smile: to send mail that said nice.

… nice


Puffy woke up to bump his threads =D.

We’re all here to show our social support, why u hatin?

this would not happen on NW forums because you actually had to own/pay the game on the account to post. This guy can just keep getting banned over and over and comes back for free

Shut up Rebecca, that did never happen :wink:

I, on the other hand, and 6 other people wasted 1h running Gate of Paradise (Karkosa, T2 Abyssal) yesterday, because someone applied to our group (“join only if you know mechs”) and didn’t even knew the mechs. He didn’t know he had to breath. He died every time either because he got out of oxygen or boss killed him. We carried him until the Dragon Turtle Boss, where there is wipe mechanics. Of course he didn’t know the mechanics and wiped us all. We tried to communicate, tried to ask if he knows mechs, silence. Tried to ask if he is afk, he was moving but not writing. After everyone was prompting him in chat to speak up, the leader got feed up and we had to quit dungeon. The guy got kicked and we cleared everything flawlessly with new guy.

I still wonder the f*** was his problem? Was it bot?

Negative interactions can happen but it’s always best to keep a positive mental attitude and be patient with your fellow players!

I concur. One of the best fiction you can find on the forums, hands down. You would almost believe it… unless you’re familiar with Puffco’s previous posts.

Still, I think he should become the official voice of LA and guide us all to a better place.

If he makes one positive thread every day, we should all give him a like. I just gave him a third like now.


Yeah thats a mystery how indeed :thinking:

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